Best Men’s Roll on Deodorant in Singapore 2022

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Covering up body scents has been around since ancient history. Medieval men and women used to take scented baths and follow it up by rubbing scented oils to cover up their body odor.

There are also some who still use mineral salts as an effective technique to prevent bad smell and kill bacteria overgrowth in underarms. Thankfully, there are now modern solutions that made it easier to mask off body odor. In this article, we will feature some of the best roll-on deodorants that is suitable for modern men.

Roll on deodorants were actually inspired by ball point pens. These are bottles of deodorants in liquid or gel form, with a rolling ball or applicator in which the liquid can dispense evenly.

It often gives a cool, wet sensation upon application. Roll on deodorants are usually clear and does not usually form clumps hours after application. It also does not leave any residue on your clothing if it dries completely.

Choosing the right roll-on deodorant of course depends on your preferences, but you must weigh in factors such as the ingredients, scent, skin type, and if it last throughout your day. T

here studies that also show that men has the tendency to sweat a lot more than women, therefore making men’s hygiene must include a trusted deodorant or antiperspirant. With all these in mind, here are some of our recommendations.

Top 12 Men’s Roll on Deodorant in Singapore

12 Best Men’s Roll on Deodorant in SingaporeBest Deal
Nivea for Men Dry ImpactAmazon
Perspirex Roll on Antiperspirant$19.50
Rexona Men Invisible Dry Roll on$12.90
Adidas Ice Dive Antiperspirant Roll on$10.00
Dove Men Clean Comfort and Extra Fresh Roll on Deodorant$8.00
Payot Homme Roll on Deodorant$42.00
Mitchum Invisible Roll on Antiperspirant$24.90
Clinique for Men Antiperspirant Roll on$70.88
Clarins Men Antiperspirant$32.68
Arrid XX Roll On DeodorantAmazon
Driclor Roll on Antiperspirant$26.40
Recipe for Men Roll on Antiperspirant$26.40
Which men’s roll on deodorant is the best to buy in Singapore?

1. Nivea for Men Dry Impact

Get 48 hour of comfortable and dry feeling with Nivea for Men Dry Impact Roll on Deodorant. It has no alcohol or any form of colorants It applies and dries easily without leaving stains or any sticky residue on your clothes and undershirts.

best deodorant for men

It has a pleasant smell that is not overpowering. Leaving you with a fresh and more confident feel. It is also safe to use for men who has skin sensitivity issues such as eczema, rosacea and allergic contact dermatitis. Its mild formula will not leave you irritated and itching all over.

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2. Perspirex Roll on Antiperspirant

This extra effective antiperspirant is specifically made for men who has severe perspiration problem. It is proven to be clinically effective in providing long lasting protection against sweat and body odor.

Unlike regular deodorants, Perspirex is recommended to be applied on dry and unbroken skin at night to allow the skin to fully absorb the product.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis will definitely benefit from this. It reduces underarm wetness as easy as one use. Never worry about sweat stains and damp armpits with Perspirex extra-effective antiperspirant.

best mens deodorant for sensitive skin

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3. Rexona Men Invisible Dry Roll on

Reduce underarm stains and keep yourself fresh for 48 hours with Rexona Invisible dry antiperspirant with MotionSense technology.

This deodorant has a rich and woody scent that keeps you dry and fresh all day. Its anti-marks formula helps reduce yellow stains and white marks.

It also contains microcapsules that sit on the skin and break with friction and releases a refreshing scent.

Apply it on cool, dry underarms and smooth evenly before getting dressed. Experience a dry and comfortable feeling from day until night with this roll one deodorant from Rexona.

best deodorant for mens body odor

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4. Adidas Ice Dive Antiperspirant Roll on

For men who live for exciting thrill and new adventures , this antiperspirant from Adidas has a refreshing tinge of mint leaves, geranium and musk. It does not leave stains and effectively gives underarm dryness and freshness for 48 hours.

It can be used before training and does not leave a weird stink when mixed with sweat. The cool and wet feeling does not sting and keeps you fresh and dry for hours.

This formula is best for athletes or for those who enjoy outdoor sports and does not want to worry about too much sweat and body odor.

best mens antiperspirant

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5. Dove Men Clean Comfort and Extra Fresh Roll on Deodorant

Dove Men Clean Comfort has a clean and subtle scent that protects the underarm from sweat and body odor for 48 hours. It gives powerful sweat protection and prevent irritation. On the other hand, Dove Extra Fresh gives long lasting and invigorating freshness.

These antiperspirants is formulated with Dove’s ¼-moisturizer technology that keeps skin smooth and moisturized. It is 100% alcohol free and dermatologically proven to keep shirts dry and make yourself feeling comfortable and refreshed all day.

best deodorant for men

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6. Payot Homme Roll on Deodorant

Regulate perspiration and neutralize body odor with this roll on deodorant from Payot. It has trace element of iron and copper to stimulate and purify the skin. The formula is alcohol free and is suitable for all skin types. It harnesses the soothing properties of these minerals to provide optimum protection.

Payot is a French brand that offers skincare and bodycare products that is based on innovative formulas and incorporates it with latest scientific advances. This roll on deodorant will leave you feeling fresh, protected and confident.

best mens deodorant for sensitive skin

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7. Mitchum Invisible Roll on Antiperspirant

Control body odor and underarm wetness, this roll-on antiperspirant still uses Mitchum’s original antiperspirant ingredient which is aluminum zirconium which makes an exceptional job at giving underarm protection.

This formula is unscented and does not overpower your favorite body spray. It contains an aloe extract and vitamin E that makes skin smooth and moisturized. Its mild formula is suitable for all types of skin. Get a long lasting fresh feeling with this dermatology-tested antiperspirant from Mitchum.

best deodorant for mens body odor

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8. Clinique for Men Antiperspirant Roll on

Get a deodorant that does not leave residue on dark clothes and that is comfortable and dependable against wetness and odor with Clinique for Men roll on. Its roll on applicator provides direct, on target application that dries quickly and stays long.

It has a non-sticky formula that is lightweight and does not block skin pores. For maximum protection, apply deodorant on underarms daily after showering and allow it to dry before showering. It 100% free from perfumes and is suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

Clinique for Men Antiperspirant Roll on is the best mens antiperspirant

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9. Clarins Men Antiperspirant

This alcohol free roll on deodorant from Clarins Men has a long lasting formula that glides on easily without stickiness. It has refreshing extracts of orange, lemon, and grapefruit that helps reduce perspiration and neutralize body odor.

This gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skin. It dries easily upon application and the pleasant scent lasts all throughout the day. Clarins brand treats perspiration from a skincare perspective, it helps treating your body natural process of sweating without making the skin dry and irritated.

Clarins Men Antiperspirant is the best deodorant for men

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10. Arrid XX Roll On Deodorant

Have 24 hour nonstop protection from sweat and body odor with Arrid XX (extra extra) dry. Feel cool and fight underarm wetness day and night even if you are on the go. It has a scent of carefully blended light citrus, spring flowers and wood.

Arrid XX Roll On Deodorant is the best deodorant for mens body odor

It perfectly blocks sweating and gives off a very neutral scent. It does not leave any sweat stains and does not leave any sticky build up as you go through the day. It keeps you feeling cool, dry and confident all day.

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11. Driclor Roll on Antiperspirant

Driclor contains an active aluminum chloride hexahydrate ingredient that is recommended and prescribed by dermatologists and physician for people with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Like other specialized antiperspirant, this is recommended to apply it overnight and wash it off the next day.

You can now go through your day-to-day activities without worrying about sweat stains and body odor. The roll on makes application easier and makes it evenly applied on the skin. It also dries out quickly upon application. Feel dry and confident with Driclor Antiperspirant.

Driclor Roll on Antiperspirant is the best mens antiperspirant

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12. Recipe for Men Roll on Antiperspirant

One of the best deodorants that help with underarm wetness protection without blocking the body’s natural transpiration is offered by Recipe for Men. It has an ultra mild formula that neutralizes bacteria which makes it effectively control body odor.

Its lightweight formula is absorbed quickly by the skin and does not leave any stain on clothes or any sticky feel. Recipe for Men is founded by three Swedish men who aims to provide the best skincare for men. They have formulated products that has good amount of active ingredients, smooth textures and subtle fragrance.

Recipe for Men Roll on Antiperspirant  is the best deodorant for men, 12 Best Deodorants and Antiperspirants for Men

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Where to Buy the Best Deodorant for Men

Roll on deodorants helps mask off body odor due to overgrowth of bacteria caused by sweating or perspiration. Some roll-on variants have ingredients that actively prevents you from sweating.

Biological differences makes men’s sweat glands produce more sweat when compared to those of women. This is why deodorant manufacturers have created different formulas for men and women. Roll on bottles makes the active ingredients apply easily and with great precision.

Whether you are training for a competition, going to the gym every day or even just having a long shift at work, there is a chance that your body produces sweat and odor causing bacteria.

These roll on deodorant brands listed above are all tested to give long-lasting, sweat preventing and fresh smelling results. Most of these have an alcohol free formula that is suitable for all skin types. These brands also found a way to prevent sweat stains from ruining your favorite clothes.

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