Where to Buy Massage Oils in Singapore 2022

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As we live our day-to-day lives, it is inevitable that sometimes, we get to feel muscle pain, stress and anxiety. Some would immediately resort to medications such as analgesics and pain relieving drugs, but sometimes it is helpful to turn to alternative medicine such as massage and essential oils.

With more and more people shifting to organic and natural way of living, massage oils are also gaining popularity among consumers. In this article, we will feature some of the most effective and best-selling massage oils that will surely make you relieved and have a relaxed feeling. 

Massages are an effective way help restore and improve the body’s function and health. It also has beneficial effects in maintaining good sleeping patterns. A good massage will not be complete and is more beneficial with relaxing and rejuvenating massage oils. It is important to use oil during massage in order to avoid friction and skin abrasion.

When choosing massage oils, it should be non-occlusive so that it will not block the skin pores and allows the skin to breathe. It should be safe and mild for your skin. Massage oils are essential especially for those who are a fan of aromatherapy.

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Top 12 Massage Oils in Singapore

1. Pure Essentials Massage Oil

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Pure Essentials Massage Oil

Have a soothing feeling and relieve the stress in your life using this massage oil from Pure Essentials. This Lavender Oil helps promote vital energy, soothes muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation and soften the skin. It is carefully formulated to provide a deeply relaxing and spa-like massage at the comfort of your own home.

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2. Hysses Eucalyptus Rosemary Massage Oil

This mini massage oil helps reduce fatigue caused by jetlag. It is infused with eucalyptus from Australia and rosemary from Spain. It also contains other essential oils such as bran rice that helps smoothen skin and calm skin irritation, bergamot to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars, geranium to relieve anxiety and fatigue and jojoba oil and vitamin E for moisturizing and skin healing.

This massage oil can be applied on the temple, back of the ears, between the brows and other pulse points. It does not contain any artificial color, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Hysses Eucalyptus Rosemary Massage Oil

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3. Expressions Lavender Massage Oil – Best Massage Oil for Backpain

This one of a kind massage oil not only helps with blood circulation and deep tissue massage, but it can also help combat fat, cellulite and water retention. This Lavender massage oil from Expressions has detoxifying properties that targets excess fats, helps contour the body and clears stretch marks.

It contains ingredients that aids in eliminating toxins and at the same time moisturizes dry skin keeping it soft and supple. It can also be used to reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Expressions Lavender Massage Oil is Best Massage Oil for Backpain, best essential oils for back pain, Is oil massage good for back pain?, Which ayurvedic oil is good for back pain?, Which oil massage is best for joint pain?, What oil is good for inflammation?

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4. Now Foods Tranquil Rose Massage Oil

Infused with antioxidants and vitamin E to protect the skin, this massage oil gives a soft and soothing effect while nourishing the skin. It has jojoba, almond and apricot oil that helps maintain skin moisture. The rose hip seed oil rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections.

Promote healthy skin and avoid mature, dry and sensitive skin with this Tranquil Rose Massage Oil. This skin rejuvenating massage oil is paraben free, gluten free and vegan.

Now Foods Tranquil Rose Massage Oil

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5. Young Living V6 Vegetable Massage Oil

Young Living V6 Vegetable Massage Oil is the best massage oil in Singapore for relaxation spa treatment at home

A fractionated coconut oil combined with grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil, this massage oil from Young living effective moisturize and nourish the skin. It can be used as a carrier oil to dilute essential oils and customize scents, formulas and blends.

When creating your own essential oils, this vegetable oil is a good base when you want strong oils such as cinnamon, clove, peppermint, thyme and oregano. This massage oil is colorless, odorless, does not clog pores and stains clothes.

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6. Bath and Bloom Thai Jasmine Massage Oil

Enjoy a relaxed mind and relieve muscle tension with this Thai Jasmine Massage Oil from Bath and Bloom. It effectively brings stress relief and moisturizes the skin. Thai Jasmine is known to help improve mood states and makes one feel healthy and positive.

Jasmine oils are beneficial in soothing the nerves and producing a feeling of confidence, euphoria and optimism. This massage oil also helps improve skin complexion, decrease signs of aging and make skin healthy looking.

Bath and Bloom Thai Jasmine Massage Oil

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7. The Body Shop French Lavender Massage Oil

This massage oil infused with lavender from France will surely soothe your mind and body. Its natural relaxing scent gives the ultimate anti-stress relaxation that you need after long stressful days of work. A few drops of this oil on your people will give you that peaceful sleep you are longing for.

It does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, it actually makes skin more moisturized and hydrated. It is a perfect relaxing option for aromatherapy for skin and even for the hair. The lavender scent makes is very mild and gives a calming feeling.

The Body Shop French Lavender Massage Oil

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8. Vasse Virgin Therapeutic Olive Bath and Massage Oil

This therapeutic olive oil that nourish and nurture the body can be used for a body massage or can be added to a bath to get a relaxing and luxurious feel. It contains chamomile extracts that improves skin elasticity and moisturize dry skin.

Other ingredients such as lavender extracts help give soothing and calming experience. This pure blend of plant extracts is suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin that has rashes and eczema. It also has anti-inflammatory ingredients that stimulates skin growth and repair.

9. My Natural Being Massage Oil

My Natural Being Massage Oil Singapore
My Natural Being Massage Oil Singapore

Moisturize, nourish, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin while enjoying a relaxing massage with this massage oil that is made from pure steam distilled macadamia and almond oil with hemp seed oil. It helps repair minor skin damage, moisturize dry skin and reduce the signs of skin aging.

This massage oil provide additional benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, detoxing properties, immune boosting properties, antioxidants and soothing fatty acids to repair scars and blemishes. It does not contain artificial chemicals and synthetics which makes it organic and naturally safe to use.

Check the price on Lazada

10. SheaMoisture Lavender and Wild Orchid Bath, Body and Massage Oil

This natural blend of lavender and shea butter provides calmness and soothes the skin. The Wild Orchid extract helps hydrates the skin and leaves a delicately fragrant scent. This lavender oil can help protect your skin in faster aging process.

Look fresh and feel rejuvenated with this oil that can be used even on the hair and face. It does not leave a greasy, oily feeling and does not cause acne and pimple breakouts. Its ingredients are also kid friendly and can help them feel relaxed and fall asleep easier.

SheaMoisture Lavender and Wild Orchid Bath, Body and Massage OIl

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11. SR Naturals Pure Avocado Oil

Combat sign of aging such as wrinkles, stretch marks, dry and saggy skin with this multi-purpose avocado oil. Avocado oil contains has a high level of healthy fats and antioxidants that penetrates the skin deeply and effectively moisturize the skin.

It is natural and gentle which makes it safe to use even for those with sensitive skin. It can actually be used as a treatment for eczema, acne problems, dehydrated skin and sun damaged skin. It does not clog pores and does not cause breakouts. This pure avocado oil can be used as a body moisturizer, hair and nail oil, body massage oil and as a base for your essential oils.

SR Naturals Pure Avocado Oil

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12. To Be Calm Massage and Body Oil

Uplift your body and refresh your spirit with To Be Calm Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Ginger Massage and Body Oil. It contains carefully selected essential oils from Australia and is enriched with hydrating oils such as macadamia, coconut and almond oil.

Its ingredients also include body butters like cocoa and shea butter to make skin more hydrated and moisturized. This non-greasy body and massage oil has detoxifying and cleansing properties that helps avoid exhaustion and poor blood circulation.

To Be Calm Massage and Body Oil

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Where to Get the Best Massage Oil in Singapore

The 12 Best Massage Oils in SingaporeBest Deal to Get
Pure Essentials Massage Oil$12.78
Hysses Eucalyptus Rosemary Massage Oil$23.90
Expressions Lavender Massage Oil$29.00
Now Foods Tranquil Rose Massage Oil$15.50
Young Living V6 Vegetable Massage Oil$59.29
Bath and Bloom Thai Jasmine Massage Oil$28.90
The Body Shop French Lavender Massage Oil$47.26
Vasse Virgin Therapeutic Olive Bath and Massage Oil$23.30 – $34.70
My Natural Being Massage Oil$19.95
SheaMoisture Lavender and Wild Orchid Bath, Body and Massage Oil$28.83
SR Naturals Pure Avocado Oil$41.07
To Be Calm Massage and Body Oil$32.00
Which oil is good for skin massage?

Undoubtedly, massage helps in soothing and relaxing muscles, and promote healthy blood circulation that calms the mind as a result. Massage oil helps make your massage session avoid friction and help the skin properly lubricated for a smooth sailing massage experience.

Most oils are composed of base oil from plants that are usually pressed from nuts, vegetable and seeds. It also contains essential oils that are extracted from plants and fruits. Essential oils are normally diluted in base oil to create relaxing massage oil.

A perfectly blended massage oil soothes sore muscles and nurtures the skin. It gives maximum relaxation and a soft scent that provides peace and tranquility. Some massage oils are formulated to remove muscle tension and give warmth and pain relief especially after a hard day at work or intense workout session.

Massage oils are also often used for aromatherapy. Instead of standard medical treatments some people resort to this alternative therapy to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and depression. The use of plants as natural sources of oil can be traced back to ancient Egypt and India which makes this one of the most ancient and organic way of promoting a healthy well-being.

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