Best Manuka Honey in Singapore 2022

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Manuka honey is a honey produced in New Zealand and Australia that has more health benefits than the normal honey. This honey is produced by bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush.

It has natural antibacterial properties that are used to treat wounds and other types of infection. In this article are recommendations on the best Manuka honey in Singapore we can find.

Why Honey is Good

Over the years, honey has been proven to have antimicrobial and anti-oxidative agents that have anti-inflammatory effects. It contains numerous nutritional and biological efficient literature and records show that honey was greatly used to heal wounds, cataracts, and ulcers.

But what sets Manuka honey apart is that it has a high concentration of natural active methylglyoxal (MGO) that can help accelerate wound healing and ease pain and inflammation.

Producers of honey devised a way to rate the MGO level present in Manuka honey. It is called Unique Manuka Factor or UMF. The higher UMF rating, the stronger antibiotic effect it has.

Due to its medicinal properties, manuka honey is used to treating high cholesterol, diabetes, eye, ear and sinus infections and other digestive and gastrointestinal problems.

14 Best Manuka Honey Brands in SingaporeStrength of UMFBest Deal
Jade Valley UMF 10+ Manuka HoneyUMF 10+/ 500g$42.00
Egmont Manuka HoneyUMF 20+/ 500g$143.04
Manukora Manuka HoneyUMF 5+/ 500g$26.00
Comvita Manuka HoneyUMF 5+/ 500g$56.90
Manuka Health Manuka HoneyMGO 30+/ 500g$37.60
Haddrells of Cambridge Manuka HoneyUMF 5+/ 250g$40.95
NZ Health Naturally Manuka HoneyMGO 40+/1kg$68.54
Sweet Nature Manuka HoneyUMF 5+/ 500g$36.80
Woodland’s Certified Organic Raw Manuka HoneyMGO 300+/1kg$87.75
Australian by Nature Manuka HoneyUMF 8+/ 250g$53.18
Happy Valley Manuka HoneyUMF 10+/ 500g$88.00
Wedderspoon Raw Manuka HoneyKFactor 16/ 250g$60.11
Manuka Doctor Bio-Active Manuka HoneyUMF 15+/ 250g$36.75
New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka HoneyUMF 5+/ MGO 300+/ 250g$43.13
Which brand is best for Manuka honey in Singapore?

Top 14 Manuka Honey Singapore

1. Jade Valley UMF 10+ Manuka Honey

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Sourced from remote and beautiful regions of New Zealand, this Manuka Honey from Jade Valley is one of the best value for money honey in the market. Their product does not have any additives and preservatives that make it safe to consume even for those who have medical conditions that limits sugar intake.

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2. Egmont Manuka Honey

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Produced by a family that resides the beautiful mountains of Mt. Taranaki in New Zealand, this Manuka Honey does not undergo much heating, blending and filtering making its natural flavors and healing properties preserved as possible.

It does not have any other ingredients aside from the 100% pure New Zealand honey. To get substantial health benefits, Egmont advises taking their Manuka honey daily after meals. It is perfect healthy alternative to commercial sugar and honey.

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3. Manukora Manuka Honey

Manukora Manuka Honey is best manuka honey for wounds, Which brand of Manuka honey is the best?, What is Manukora honey?, Is Manukora UMF certified?, What level of Manuka honey is best?, How do I choose manuka honey in Singapore?,What is the best manuka honey for immune system?,Guide to Buying Manuka Honey in Singapore

If you want to have an authentic and raw Manuka honey experience, then this one from Manukora might be the one you are looking for.

The Manuka honey’s medicinal properties and health benefits are perfectly packaged in this non-GMO product. They have three ratings of UMF: 5, 10, 15 and 20.

It also tastes rich and not too sweet, which makes it a healthier option to add on your favorite pancakes, cereals and desserts.

Their raw materials are produced in a certified honey facility in New Zealand and are sourced from beautiful and isolated locations in the country.

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4. Comvita Manuka Honey

Comvita Manuka Honey is best manuka honey 2021 2022, Which brand of Manuka honey is best in Singapore?, Which brand of Manuka honey is the best?, Which honey brand is best in Singapore?, How do I choose manuka honey in Singapore?,What is the best manuka honey for immune system?,Guide to Buying Manuka Honey in Singapore

One of the best known Manuka honey brands in the world, Comvita offers a rich and smooth Manuka honey. It is non GMO, Halal and Kosher certified. They also offer a wide range of UMF, from UMF 5 up to UMF 20 that is medicinally used by medical professionals in some parts of the world.

Aside from going well with your favorite bread, coffee and other desserts, this Manuka honey can also be used as a face mask. It can help smoothen out wrinkles, gives extra moisture to the skin and lessen acne.

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5. Manuka Health Manuka Honey

Manuka Health Manuka Honey is best manuka honey for digestive problems, How much is Manuka honey in Singapore?

With its thick and creamy texture, Manuka Health’s Manuka Honey is rich in deliciousness and sweetness. Tested and subjected to strict quality standards, this particular Manuka Honey is also suitable for face and skin.

It can be incorporated as a mask in your daily skin care or as a topical treatment for burns, wounds and acne. Manuka Health also offers Manuka Honey in high UMF that makes it highly effective against sore throat and other bacterial infections.

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6. Haddrells of Cambridge Manuka Honey

best manuka honey for wounds

Made by a husband and wife from the town of Cambridge in New Zealand, this Manuka Honey is sourced using natural and environmentally friendly sustainable ways. It is sourced from Manuka trees grown and hives with minimal interference from pests, pollution and people.

It has strong antibacterial properties that can be helped to relieve cold, sore throat, diarrhea and stomach ache. Aside from raw honey, Haddrells also have hand creams and lozenges made from their quality Manuka Honey.

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7. NZ Health Naturally Manuka Honey

best manuka honey for face

This Manuka honey has properties and UMF level that helps support the immune system. It has a slight herbal taste with a hint of caramel and aromatic smell. It tastes smooth with nice acidity.

NZ Health Naturally’s Manuka Honey does not have any added artificial color, additives, flavor and preservatives.

Some of its health use and benefits include ease in pain in stomach ulcers, aids in digestion, and provide natural minerals and enzymes that are good for the health.

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8. Sweet Nature Manuka Honey

best manuka honey this year

A Manuka Honey for beginners is what Sweet Nature’s Manuka Honey is known for. It has a mild blend of Manuka honey that gives it a sweet and delicious flavor that is not as strong as the usual.

This blended honey is authentic and is straight from Sweet Nature’s own beehive and processing plant in New Zealand. It has no artificial ingredients and no chemicals is used for beekeeping and processing.

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9. Woodland’s Certified Organic Raw Manuka Honey

best manuka honey for digestive problems

A combination of rich, raw and sweet is flavor is what you’ll get from Woodland’s Manuka Honey. This honey is organic, unpasteurized and cold extracted. It has an amber color that is darker than normal table honey. This means that it has more antioxidants and is more effective in boosting the immune system.

It can greatly support the immune system by promoting resistance to common infections, heals sore throat, mild burns and wounds. It can also be used as a sweetener to your morning coffee or tea.

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10. Australian by Nature Manuka Honey

best manuka honey for wounds

This bio-active Manuka Honey is sourced from high density and pollution free Manuka forests in New Zealand. Its antibacterial and antiviral agents can be used as treatment for wound, burns and cuts. It also strengthens the immune system by fighting colds and flu.

It is 100% organic and does not contain any additives. It can be added to food and drinks and can be taken by itself either orally, or topically.

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11. Happy Valley Manuka Honey

best manuka honey for face

This honey has a distinct Manuka flavor with a hint of caramel and malt. It has a thick and rich texture, and a rich and crisp finish.

Aside from its antibacterial health benefits, this Manuka Honey from Happy Valley helps improve skin, lessens wrinkles and gives added moisture. It is also a perfect partner for your coffee or tea.

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12. Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey

manuka honey 2020

This unpasteurized, raw, delicious and non-GMO honey is sourced and packed with New Zealand. It is free from pesticides, antibiotics and glyphosate. Wedderspoon’s Manuka Honey is always unpasteurized to maintain the natural-occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It can be mixed with yogurt and drizzle on your fruits or toast. It is also a healthy alternative to sugar that can be used in desserts and post workout shakes.

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13. Manuka Doctor Bio-Active Manuka Honey

best manuka honey for digestive problems

Have a taste of nature’s sweet essence with this Manuka Honey. It is made by bees who pollinate the nectar of Manuka bush found in clean and green mountains of New Zealand.

With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities, this honey is safe to use topically or orally. It has a high rate of non-peroxide activity or UMF making it an effective remedy to digestive sickness and as a salve for cuts and wounds.

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14. New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka Honey

best manuka honey for wounds
Price: S$43.13

This healthy manuka honey contains more vitamins, minerals and amino acids that cannot be found in regular honey. It has a slight herbal flavor with a kick of caramel undertone taste and a moderately bitter taste. This honey has a thick, almost chewy and fudge-like consistency.

What started as an “alternative” remedy debunked by most medical practitioners, the benefits of honey as an antibiotic and its therapeutic properties has now captured the interest of scientists and the general public. A specific type of honey originated from Australia and New Zealand are commercially available worldwide.

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Where to Buy the Best Manuka Honey

Nowadays, grocery stores and online market places carry high quality manuka honey in Singapore. Manuka Honey’s antimicrobial activity was found to be effective against a wide range of pathogens. It has a high level of MGO that also shows that this type of honey has antioxidant properties.

With different bacteria that are slowly becoming resistant to antibiotics, Manuka honey is definitely a cheaper and more natural way to combat diseases caused by these bacteria. Its potential as an important medicinal source should not be underestimated.

What is UMF?

New Zealand Manuka honey is known worldwide for UMF that stands for “Unique Manuka Factor”. This quality mark distinguishes natural authentic manuka honey produced in New Zealand.

UMF tracks 3 main natural markers found in manuka honey namely:

Methylglyoxal – MG – the antibacterial properties;

Dihydroxyacetone – DHA – a precursor chemical of MG; and

Leptosperin – a natural chemical only found in the nectar of manuka flowers.

The range for UMF scoring is as follows:

5 to 9:Certified Authentic
10 to 19:Premium Grade
20 to 24:Ultra Premium Grade
25 and above:Superior Rare High Grade
Manuka Honey UMF scoring

The higher the UMF rating, the higher the content of these natural compounds. We recommend using a Manuka honey with a high UMF to receive the most benefits.

what is umf manuka honey, What UMF manuka honey should I buy?, What is the difference between UMF and MGO Manuka honey?, What UMF means?, What is MGO 50+ Manuka honey?
Is Manuka Honey Good for You, or Bad?

Is it OK to eat manuka honey every day?

Yes, it’s alright to eat manuka honey each day. According to health experts, you can get the most of the benefits that manuka honey has to offer when you consume one to two tablespoons of it every day. Eating manuka honey has digestive benefits, though research on this is mixed. 

Studies suggest that the powerful antibacterial effects of manuka honey may help in treating gastric ulcers and preventing alcohol-induced gastric ulcers. Eating manuka honey daily may also help decrease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, such as diarrhoea, irregular bowel movements, constipation, and abdominal pain.

What are the side effects of manuka honey?

Manuka honey offers numerous health and beauty benefits, such as treating sore throat, nourishing the skin and speeding up its healing process, and aiding in digestion. However, some people may experience side effects when eating manuka honey or applying it topically. These include:

  • A spike in blood sugar – manuka honey, like other types of honey, has a high glucose content, so it causes an increase in the blood sugar. This can be a major concern for people with diabetes.
  • Allergic reaction – some people who are allergic to pollen or bees may have an adverse reaction to manuka honey as well.
Why is manuka honey expensive, What is so special about Manuka honey?, Is Manuka honey really worth the money?, How much does real manuka honey cost?
Is Manuka Honey worth the money?

Why is Manuka Honey expensive?

Manuka honey typically costs more than other types of honey because it is harder to source and it’s known to be richer and more viscous or syrupy. The honey comes from bees that pollinate the manuka plant and transform the nectar from its flowers into honey. The manuka bush can only be found in New Zealand and some parts of Australia. It’s very rare and grows in some of the most remote regions. The flowering season is also short – a maximum of 6 weeks a year – and a manuka flower is in bloom for just 12 days. In Singapore, UMF 10+ manuka honey will generally cost around $90.

How long can Manuka Honey last?

Manuka honey has a very long shelf life. In general, pure honey doesn’t really go bad as long as it is stored properly. This means that it can last forever if it is kept away from direct sunlight, not refrigerated, and not exposed to direct heat. Manuka honey should be stored in an air-tight container and kept away from moisture. However, it’s best consumed within two to three years of opening a jar.

Does manuka honey kill good bacteria
The Effects of Manuka Honey

Does manuka honey kill good bacteria?

No, manuka honey does not have a detrimental effect on good bacteria. Studies show that manuka honey only has a very mild effect on the bacteria in the gut, whether good or bad. Other studies reveal that manuka honey actually stimulates and maintains the growth of good bacteria or probiotics. This is because honey contains prebiotics, which help probiotics flourish. In short, manuka honey doesn’t eliminate good bacteria, it actually gives these bacteria a boost.

Is manuka honey rare?

Yes, manuka honey is rare because the plant where it is sourced is also rare and the honey is difficult to harvest. The flowering season of the manuka plant lasts only for three months at most in a year, and each flower stays open for just 12 days. Manuka honey is also rated according to potency, so there’s also the rarest of the rare. Manuka honey is definitely not as common as the other types of honey you would usually see on the market, but it’s surely more accessible now thanks to online retail.

Does manuka honey help wrinkles
Manuka also makes the perfect anti-ageing ingredient.

Does manuka honey help wrinkles?

Yes, manuka honey can keep wrinkles away. Manuka honey is packed with antioxidants that fight off wrinkles and other skin cell damage caused by free radicals. This honey also contains vitamins and live enzymes that neutralize these free radicals. Moreover, honey also promotes the growth of collagen skin cells and retains moisture in the skin, reducing and smoothing out wrinkles to give you a more youthful, natural glow.

Is manuka honey good for hair?

Yes, manuka honey is actually great for the hair. Here are some of the benefits of manuka honey on hair:

  • Moisturizes dry scalp and hair and seals in moisture 
  • Cleans hair follicles to eliminate impurities and buildup
  • Reduces hair breakage and combats hair loss
  • Stimulates hair regrowth 
  • Strengthens the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth
  • Prevents scalp infections and soothes the scalp
  • Kills bacteria and aids in the healing of conditions such as eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis
  • Restores shine to dry, dull-looking hair
  • Softens hair and reduces frizz


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