Best Laksa Products in Singapore 2022

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Singapore laksa is similar to Malacca’s Nyonya laksa. A lot of Singaporeans are familiar with the latter. In fact, many of them know the history of this spicy noodle soup dish. However, the bigger question that needs to be answered is where did laksa come from.

No one really knows if the dish’s name pertains to the spicy soup or the noodle. But a theory speculates that it’s named after the noodle because “laksa” is a Persian word that means vermicelli or noodle.

Moreover, others think that the name of this soup came from the Sanskrit word “laksha,” which means many. This is because the dish has numerous ingredients. Others also believe that it came from “la sha,” a Mandarin Chinese phrase that means “spicy sand.” That’s because laksa has grainy and gritty sediment.

The origin of laksa is a little difficult to trace. Despite that, there is one thing for sure — it has established its name to the culture of Singapore.

Moreover, laksa is so popular in Singapore that people even made different products that have a similar flavor to it. If you want to know which of those products you should get, then read on as we will give you the answer.

Laksa Products in Singapore that Everyone Must Try

There is no denying that laksa is an extremely popular dish in Singapore. For this reason, people have made different products that imitate its flavor, so that they can get a taste of the dish no matter where they are. If you want to know what the best laksa products are available in the market, then we have listed them below.

Best Laksa Product in SingaporeBest Price To Buy (SGD)

Happy Belly Laksa Paste


Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian


Nissin Cup Noodle – Laksa Flavor


F.EAST Singapore Laksa Potato Chips


D’Laksa Steamboat Paste – Assam Laksa Flavor


Prima Taste Laksa Hot Pot Soup Base


Which laksa product is best?

Top 6 Laksa Products in Singapore

1. Happy Belly Laksa Paste

Happy Belly Laksa Paste is the Best Laksa Product in Singapore, What is laksa paste made of?, Laksa Soup is like A Malaysian Coconut Curry Soup, yummy and delicious

The Happy Belly Laksa paste is an authentic recipe that can give you a flavorful and spicy broth that will linger on your tastebuds. It does not contain any artificial flavorings, MSG, preservatives, and colorings, so you will be able to taste an authentic Singapore delicacy.

With this product, you no longer need to peel and chop garlic and onions or pound spices and chilies. All you need to do is to add your vegetables and meat and you are good to go.

In addition, this product will make your cooking quick, convenient, consistent, and hassle-free! You will not need to memorize and follow long complex recipes. The Happy Belly Laksa Paste only needs you to follow the quick fix instructions written on its packaging and you will have the best home-made laksa.

Get it for only

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2. Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian

Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian is The Best instant Laksa noodles in Singapore, Vegan laksa noodle soup Recipe, What is laksa noodle called, What is laksa paste made of?, Is a laksa healthy?, What makes laksa a significant cultural symbol?

This laksa product is also one of the must-haves for Singaporeans. The Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian is a hearty food that would taste almost like it is not an instant noodle.

The broth of this instant noodle is composed of a large laksa paste sachet combined with premium ingredients. It has a second sachet filled with coconut milk powder that you can add to the broth to make it fuller and creamier.

With this instant noodle by Prima Taste, you will have the chance to taste authentic Singaporean Laksa minus all the hassles of preparing and cooking the ingredients. In addition, it is a multicultural blend of spices and herbs that are simmered together in creamy coconut gravy. This process extracted all the flavors from the ingredients, bringing you a Singaporean laksa experience no matter where you are.

You can get the Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian Instant Noodle at

3. Nissin Cup Noodle – Laksa Flavor

Nissin Cup Noodle - Laksa Flavor is The Best instant Laksa noodles in Singapore

Of all the products in this review, this one is undeniably the fastest to prepare.

The Nissin Cup Noodles Laksa Flavor is something that should never be forgotten when talking about the best-est cup noodles that ever existed.

This product contains a noodle block and loose garnish and seasoning powder. There is also a sachet that holds the laksa seasoning paste. Laksa, combined with Nissin’s classic wheat flour noodles gives this product a mouth-watering flavor. The broth, which is made with a coconut milk base, tastes like authentic Singaporean laksa. In addition, it has a strong hint of dried shrimp that enhances the broth’s taste better.

On the other hand, the loose garnish is composed of dried shrimp, dried tofu, as well as dehydrated egg.

You can get this Nissin Cup Noodle Laksa for

4. F.EAST Singapore Laksa Potato Chips

F.EAST Singapore Laksa Potato Chips is The Best Laksa chips in Singapore

A tasty bag of chips is no doubt the best companion when binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. And when it comes to chips, the F.EAST Singapore Laksa Potato Chips is always a must-try.

F.EAST aims to deviate from the usual chip flavors, so it whipped up some Asian flavor in its line of products. As it is, laksa already has an extremely rich and distinct taste. However, with every bite of these laksa-flavored chips, the layers of this complex Singaporean dish slowly unveiled themselves.

There is a hint of coconut milk that is followed by a light flavor of dried shrimp as an aftertaste.

Get this product from

5. D’Laksa Steamboat Paste – Assam Laksa Flavor

Top 6 Best Laksa paste in Singapore is D'Laksa Steamboat Paste - Assam Laksa Flavor

This laksa-flavored steamboat paste made by D’Laksa gets you to taste a great laksa soup in just three minutes. Its flavor is a combination of chili paste, shallots, lemongrass, galangal, and ginger flower. To make it more delicious, the makers also added a hint of sweetness and shrimp paste.

With this product, you no longer have to drive to the nearest laksa restaurant just to taste this spicy noodle. All you need is hot water, some meat and vegetables, and this Assam laksa-flavored steamboat paste. The ingredients in this product are simmered to get the taste of authentic Singaporean laksa. For this reason, you will never get enough once you have tasted it.

Get this product for

6. Prima Taste Laksa Hot Pot Soup Base

Prima Taste Laksa Hot Pot Soup Base

If you are having a hot pot at home with your family or friend, then the Prima Taste Laksa Hot Pot Soup Base is that you should always have in your kitchen. It does not have any MSG added to it. In addition, it does not have preservatives and artificial flavorings. That being said, this hot pot soup base really brings the authentic flavor of Singaporean laksa to your dining table.

In addition, this soup base is a budget-friendly option as a single box is already enough for five to seven people. To prepare, you simply need to add water and you can already enjoy the taste of real Singaporean laksa.

Get this hot pot soup base at

The History of Laksa in Singapore

Laksa’s origin is a little murky. However, what everyone knows is that there are a number of branches of this dish today. Each of these branches has its own regional sub-varieties.

While we may never be able to point out the origin of Singapore’s beloved laksa, the fact that it came from the Southeast Asian region is widely recognized.

Trade has always been the center of the history of Southeast Asia. Back then, port cities, such as Penang, Malacca, and of course, Singapore, were the major stops when traders were traveling on the spice route.

Due to this reason, some Chinese traders who reached the shores of Singapore were attracted by and settled down with local women. That means that Singapore laksa could be a product of intermarriages. In fact, Atlas Obscura suggested that if these intermarriages did not happen, Singapore could never have had laksa.

These intermarriages resulted in descendants called Peranakans. But that is not the only thing that intermarriages gave way to. It also resulted in culturally hybrid dishes, such as laksa, which combined local spices with Chinese noodle soup.

In Singapore, there are two types of laksa that people could try and taste– curry-based or Assam laksa.

Curry-based laksa has coconut milk in it, making the noodle’s broth fuller, creamier, and more flavorful. This type of laksa is more commonly found in the hawker centres of Singapore.

On the other hand, Assam laksa is almost the same as nonya. The only difference is that it does not have coconut as the broth’s ingredient. In addition, it has a sour taste to it.

Best Laksa Product In Singapore to Warm The Cockles Of Your Heart

Singaporean laksa is already a huge part of the country’s history. The dish’s long and murky history has made it become one of the best-tasting delicacies that people could ever taste in Singapore. As a product of intermarriage, laksa took on a number of local flavors so that it can satisfy the varying tastebuds in the region. And to satisfy their cravings, people are turning to laksa-flavored instant products that are almost as tasty as the homemade ones.

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