Best Hairsprays in Singapore 2020

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Over the years, hairsprays have always been reliable when it comes to hairstyling in Singapore. This is one of the most popular hair products used by both men and women to keep their hairstyles in place.

There are now different types of hairsprays available, in this article we will provide some recommendations that could help you choose the Best Hairsprays in Singapore.

What are Hairsprays?

Hairsprays are cosmetic products that contain plasticizers, luster agents, concentrate, propellants and fragrances.

During the 1960s when up dos were very popular, it became one of the bestselling beauty and hair products at that time. This lasted until the 1980s when the mullets, Mohawk, perm and other high volume glamorous bouffant became a trend.

Different types of hairsprays have different types of uses and capabilities. There is the light or flexible hairspray that can be used to make the hair free from fly away hairs and makes it easier to style and restyle the hair.

Creation hairspray holds much longer and helps create and fix hairstyles. An extreme hold hairspray on the other hand, is used for fancy occasions such as a wedding. It is normally used for fancy hairstyles that that needs strong and long-lasting hold.

Top 12 Hairsprays in Singapore

1. Gatsby Set and Keep Spray Super Hard

Made by the experts in hair styling products, Gatsby’s Set and Keep Spray Super Hard can give you that salon perfect hairstyle that lasts all throughout the day. It makes it easier to wear different hairstyles no matter what the weather is because this hairspray will definitely keep your hair in place even if the air is humid.

Gatsby Set and Keep Spray Super Hard
Gatsby Set and Keep Super Hard Spray 180g

It also helps give a lush, shiny and properly styled look. It is suitable for all hair types and does not leave a sticky and coarse texture in the hair which makes it still enjoyable for your hair to touch. Its citrus fragrance and not an alcoholic and strong chemical scent make it bearable to use every day.

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2. Mandom Long Keep Spray

Mandom Long Keep Spray
Mandom Long-Keep Spray Super Hard

Keep your hair style all day with this hairspray that is resistant to sweat and humidity. It dries quickly in the hair and does not leave any oily and sticky feeling making it easier to style the hair. It is preservative free and paraben free.

In order to get the most out of this hairspray, spray it in the hair at about 10-15 cm away. Avoid using it upside down because only gas would be released instead of the actual product. White powder may appear if the hair spray has dried and was combed. It can easily be washed off with your favorite shampoo.

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3. Lucido-L Designing Air Hair Spray Super Hard

Have a fragrant and flowery hair styling session using this hairspray from Lucido-L Designing Hairspray. It can set and keep hairstyles neat and firm that will last for a day.

It has a Panthenol ingredient that is normally used in hair care and creates a beautifully styled hair that withstands both hot and humid weather conditions. It gives a smooth and flexible finish that does not look dry and stiff.

Lucido-L Designing Air Hair Spray Super Hard
Lucido-L Designing Air Hair Spray Super Hard (200g)

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4. Malizia Hair Spray

With its Pro-Vitamin B5 this hairspray makes the hair shine and supple while at the same time protects the hair from harsh environment. If effectively holds the hairstyle in place that it could last a whole day.

Its super strong hold also does not weigh down the hair. Its vitamins help the hair have a natural shine that gives off a powerful and healthy-looking hair. It is advised to spray the products at least 25 cm from the dry hair for easy styling.

Malizia Hair Spray
Malizia Hair Spray Fixing Spray

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5. Label.m Brunette Texturizing Spray

Designed specifically for dark hair tones, this hairspray gives an instant edgy texture and builds height with long lasting grip. It has the benefits of both dry shampoo and hold of a hairspray. It instantly fixes the hair volume and gives a long-lasting root lift.

It is effective in covering up thinning patches. It can also be layered to get a stronger effect which can last all throughout the day without needing reapplication. It is easy to apply with no residue being left behind. This spray is specifically designed for those who have dark or brunette hair.

Label.m Brunette Texturizing Spray
Label.m Texturising Volume Spray

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6. Reference of Sweden No. 545 Hold and Shine Spray

Give a maximum control and high shine with this Hold and Shine hairspray. It makes styling easier with its non-sticky feel that is shining and has the looks of a natural finish. It has ingredients that contain natural quinoa protein that makes the hair stronger and protect the hair structure.

The REF Color Preserve System gives a long-lasting color depth and intensity. For a fuller and more vibrant effect hold the can at least 10 cm away and spray evenly. This hairspray is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Reference of Sweden No. 545 Hold and Shine Spray

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7. Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Spray

This extreme hold hairspray from Schwarzkopf has a fast-drying formula that is non-sticky and has long lasting hold and strong control. It is easy to apply and can be brushed out easily. It also gives and added layer of hair protection against humidity and UV rays.

This hair product allows the hair to be easily molded after spraying. To get better results, this hairspray works best if it is used on dry hair with an approximate distance of 30 cm using short bursts.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Spray
Schwarzkopf Osis Session Hair Spray 500ml

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8. L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray

A suitable hairspray for all hair types, this product from L’Oréal makes the hair look good all day and night without being stiff.

This product is behind all the best red-carpet fashion show hairstyles. It effectively controls flyaways, holds curls and style all day without leaving hair hard and flaky.

The ultra-fine mist leaves hair with a light weight, soft shiny finish and satin touch. It gives a strong lift and adds volume and does not weigh down the hair and leave a sticky feeling. It is suitable to use in both hot and humid weather.

L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray
Seven Perfume Boutique Loreal Elnett Elegant Butterfly Styling Spray 500 ml

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9. Goldwell Style Sign Perfect Hold Hair Spray

Enhance the fullness of your hair while protecting your hair color with this hair spray from Goldwell. It has micro fine hairspray formula that has a strong hold that would last all throughout the day. It holds the shape and style of the hair even after hair brushing.

It helps make thin hair look healthier and fuller. It makes the hair look more alive and gives more volume. It is proven effective even for those with fine hair without making it hard and stiff. It contains bamboo proteins that makes hair styles more natural and flexible. It also has unique elastomer and UV filter that protects the hair from heat styling and damaging effects of UV light.

Goldwell Style Sign Perfect Hold Hair Spray
Goldwell Style Sign Perfect Hold Hair Spray

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10. TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for A Day Thickening Spray

Be a queen and a superstar with this thickening spray from TIGI Bed Head. It has ingredients that helps hair looks smooth and soft while at the same time gives a long-lasting hold. It adds fullness to the hair without causing any side effects.

It is a lightweight formula that works even for fine hairs and does not weigh it down. It gives hair great volume without the stiffness, stickiness, and oiliness. Best result are shown when used on a damp hair and blown dry.

TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for A Day Thickening Spray
TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for A Day Thickening Spray

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11. Wella Professionals EIMI Super Set Spray

Keep your hairstyle in place with this hairspray that is formulated with Provitamin B5 to protect the hair from damaging effects of UV rays and from humidity. It gives a smoother and frizz free finish for a healthy and shiny looking hair.

Wella Professionals EIMI Super Set Spray
Wella Professionals EIMI Super Set Spray

It is not sticky and can be easily applied smoothly and evenly even on damp hair. Lock in style and control flyaway and baby hairs that stick out with this hair spray from Wella Professionals.

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12. Suave Max Hold Aerosol Hairspray

Have a naturally looking styled hair with this hairspray made by one of the most trusted brands for hair products, Suave. It does not have a sticky and frizzy finish but actually adds volume, body and lift to the hair.

This scented spray works well even for oily, damaged, dry, curly or straight hair. It is rich in proteins and minerals that can support in growing healthy and stronger hair.

.Suave Max Hold Aerosol Hairspray
Suave Max Hold Aerosol Hairspray

Getting the right hair spray may be challenging, that is why it is important to know what each product does. Whether it is a simple day out look or a glamorous type of hairstyle, hairsprays are always dependable for your styling needs.

The products can be used as a finishing hold that is resistant to humidity, for styling even when the hair is wet, for forming curls to make curls using hair iron last longer, for taming unruly strands of hair, and to give your hair more volume.

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Hair Spray or Hair Gel?

We have surely considered the relationship between a Hair Spray and a Hair Gel. Well, both products help us to complete our hairstyle. However the hairspray comes in when the hairstyle is set and the hair gel works towards helping us to shape the hairstyle to how we want it to be.

Is Hairspray Bad for my Hair?

There is no known ingredients in hairspray that is supposed to damage your hair.

However hairspray is damaging to the hair when you try to brush your hair after apply hairspray. This is due to the pulling of the hair cuticles after the stiffing effects of the hairspray that keeps the hairstyle in place.

Getting the Best Hairspray

Many hair stylist and other beauty professional mainly use hair spray to create, unique and presentable hairstyles with ease.

Recent hairsprays are now formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients which makes styling be not worrisome for both the hair and the environment. Some of these examples above has proven the test of time in the har styling industry.

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