Best Gaming PC in Singapore 2021

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With most people spending more and more time at home due to the quarantines being set-up all around the world, gaming is becoming increasingly popular as a hobby and pastime. Whether you’re an old-school gamer returning to the fold, or a veteran looking to upgrade his hardware, now’s the perfect time to invest in a gaming PC.

Despite their name, gaming PCs aren’t just gaming machines. They’re all-purpose computers that just so happen to pack enough punch to run modern gaming titles. That means gaming PCs have high-powered components that are designed for resource-intensive tasks. It also means that the design language and aesthetic is going to be a little different from your typical professional workstation. That said, gaming PCs are just powerful computers that can run games and pretty much anything else.

Custom vs. Pre-Built

Before you buy a gaming PC, consider your options. If you’re more technologically-inclined, you could opt to build your own PC, or customize one when you buy. If you’d rather just get one without having to know about processors and graphics cards and PCI-Express lanes, then getting a pre-built PC is going to be the most convenient option for you. There’s also a great blend of pre-built and custom that lets you pick a PC and change some components to make it better suited for your budget and your needs.

If you’re looking for the most convenient option and aren’t worried about spending a few extra bucks for a worry-free PC build, then the best you can ask for is a pre-built PC from trusted brands and custom builders.

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Best Gaming PCs You Can Buy In Singapore

Best Budget Gaming PC

Acer Nitro 50

Acer Nitro 50 is the Best Budget Gaming PC for Singaporeans, good for students and teenagers who want a good start in games, dota, steam, LoL


  • Excellent entry-level specs
  • Reliable build-quality from Acer
  • Great price-to-performance ratio


  • Hardly future-proofed
  • May struggle with more demanding titles

Acer has been a champion of affordable, accessible tech for years, and with the Nitro 50, they’ve basically proven that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the latest games. The Acer Nitro 50 is a top-value budget gaming PC that has a lot to offer under the hood.

In terms of design and aesthetic, the Acer Nitro 50 is a sleek piece of machinery. Granted, it won’t be winning any awards, but it’s simple and classy to make any owner proud of what they got sitting on their computer table. The black and red color scheme may be too gamer-oriented for some, but it’s muted enough to offer plenty of gaming appeal while still looking like a lean, mean professional gaming machine.

Inside the chassis of the Acer Nitro 50, you’ll find some excellent budget components that are perfect for the price it offers. Powered by the Intel Core i5-9400, the Nitro 50 provides plenty of processing power to handle even the most arduous tasks, be it in-game or otherwise. The entry-level Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 might not let you run the latest AAA titles in glorious 4K, but should be well suited for up to mid-range gaming at high settings. If you’re a fan of less resource-intensive titles like most competitive games and most esports titles.

The Acer Nitro 50 also comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM with the option to upgrade to up to 32GB. For storage, the Nitro 50 comes outfitted with a high-quality 1TB PCIe SSD to keep boot times low and loading screens nice and snappy. It also comes with DVD Writer.

Technical Specifications

CPU: Intel Core i5-9400
Storage: 1TB PCIe SSD

Overall Best Gaming PC

ViiPER Anaconda II

ViiPER Anaconda II


  • Superior components including the one of the most powerful GPUs ever
  • Beautiful LANCOOL II tempered glass tower case
  • Top-of-the-line gaming performance


  • Can get very expensive
  • Costs significantly more than buying individual parts

When it comes to custom PCs, one of the best newcomers on the online PC builder market is Vii PC. If you’ve heard of Origin PC, the U.S.-based tech company that offers a similar service, ViiPC offers a similar service where they take high-end components and use their expertise to build some of the best and most powerful rigs you can get your hands on.

From the choice of case to the fans, the cooling, and the rest of the internals, the ViiPER Anaconda II is designed to be one of the most powerful PCs you can build with the kind of tech that’s available to consumers.

The configuration available for the ViiPER Anaconda II is available for S$3,299, which may be a little pricey, but definitely worth the money if you want a setup that’s worthy of being called the best gaming PC you can buy in Singapore. It comes with the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, with graphics powered by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 with 10GB of GDDR6 memory, and 16GB of the highest-performance G.Skill Trident Z Neo RAM clocking in at 3600 MHz. The whole system is built on top of the ASUS ROG Strix X570 F Gaming motherboard, future-proofed for the next generation of high-end components.

Technical Specifications

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6
RAM: 16GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600 MHz
Storage: 1TB Adata XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe SSD

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Best PC for VR Gaming

Alienware Aurora R10

Alienware Aurora R10


  • One of the best AMD powerhouse PCs
  • Unique, award-winning Alienware design and customization
  • Superior, critically-acclaimed build quality


  • Pricier than other options featuring similar components

Alienware and high-end gaming are two concepts that almost always go hand-in-hand. Preferred by pro-gaming teams around the world and across dozens of titles, the Alienware brand is the epitome of gaming performance. If you’re looking for a gaming PC with a pedigree, check out the Alienware Aurora R10 – our pick for the best VR Gaming PC you can buy in Singapore.

Known for their space-age designs and high-powered components, Dell’s Alienware line of high-end gaming products have consistently offered superb quality and performance for years. If you’re looking for an unparalleled VR gaming experience on PC, the Alienware Aurora R10 is the ideal choice without going all-out on your bank account.

While its components are definitely top-of-the-line – it’s got the latest AMD Ryzen 7 3800X CPU, 32GB of DDR4 RAM at 2933 Mhz, and 1TB PCIe SSD with the extended speed and power of PCI-Express 4.0 to boost performance across all major components – the Aurora R10 also comes with the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU, one of the highest-rated GPUs of the year with incredible performance in VR gaming.

You can get the Alienware Aurora R10 for S$2,2667 on Amazon SG, and while you can get a rig for much less (and also, much more), this gaming PC offers a ton of value and performance for the price.

Technical Specifications

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2933 MHz
Storage: 1TB PCIe SSD

Best Compact Gaming PC

Lenovo Legion C530

Lenovo Legion C530


  • Sleek, compact design with great features
  • Superior airflow with dual-channel cooling
  • High customizability and easy access


  • Latest generation components may not be available

Bigger isn’t always better. If you’re a fan of this way of thinking, and you’d prefer to keep your gaming PC nice and compact, then the Lenovo Legion C530 was practically built for you. Designed to offer tower-level performance in a compact cube form-factor, the Legion C530 is an absolute powerhouse of a gaming PC with a sleek, minimalistic vibe and tons of features.

With a custom motherboard design that maximizes space and improves airflow, the Lenovo Legion C530 is a beast of a PC in a small, compact package. Outfitted with customizable components up to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 GPU and the latest Intel or AMD processors, the Legion C530 has a lot to offer. It can be equipped with up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, with a choice of a single M.2 slot for your high-speed SSDs and a maximum of two HDDs up to 2TB.

Although the internals are plenty attractive, the customizability of this rig means that you’ll be able to upgrade your system with ease and efficiency. The case itself is a modern revolution of compact PC design. The 18L cube is sleek and well-built, but also features some top-of-the-line functionality. The transparent top panel lets you show off your high-end internals with the help of the integrated system lighting that comes in a nice, classy red. The Legion C530 also boasts Tool-Free access to internals, so you can get in and out of your chassis without breaking a sweat. To top it off, similar to other products in the Legion line, the C530 comes outfitted with Dolby Atmos audio for a superb audio experience in everything from games to movies and more.

Technical Specifications

CPU: Intel Core i7-9700
RAM: 16GB DDR4 UDIMM 2666 Mhz
Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD, 2TB 7200rpm HDD

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