Best Foldable Mattresses in Singapore 2022

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Foldable mattresses are perfect when you have guests staying over or during camping. I personally love these folding mattresses since they are so versatile and compact. I live in a small space, so it is not possible for me to provide the traditional mattress when guests arrive for a night stay.

Foldable mattresses can be tucked away without wasting a lot of space and can be used as and when required. Instead of letting my foldable mattress gather dust in a corner, I also utilize it as a sleeper sofa by adding pretty cushions to it. So when I have guests staying over the night, I simply unfold it and ta-da! Here’s a comfortable and home-like bed for the guests.

If you are looking to buy a foldable mattress, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Several things make a foldable mattress an excellent choice and great for investment. Choosing from the vast range of options can be unnerving. To help make you a choice, I have put together some of the best foldable mattresses in Singapore that are just too comfortable and relaxing to ignore. Continue reading and find out the best ones that you can invest in.

Why do you need a foldable mattress?

Like mentioned before, a foldable mattress has numerous benefits. There are so many uses for this affordable multipurpose product. It can serve as a sofa during the day and turn into a comfortable bed by night. It is extremely versatile and super relaxing to lay on. These foldable mattresses are also durable and will last you a long time without any spring breaks or loss of comfort.

Best Foldable Mattresses in SingaporeMost Suitable forPrice

Foldable Foam Mattress

Those with Dust Allergy

$48.00 – $101.00

Seahorse HECOM Single Size Foldable Mattress

Those with Back Pain


Tatami Foldable Mattress

Those with Guest Staying Over Frequently


Tencel Lyocell Foldable Mattress

Those with Space Constraint


Moozz Joren Foldable Mattress

Fuss Free Washing

$109.00 – $189.00

Superfoam Foldable Mattress

Bigger Size People

$129.00 – $209.00

SnD Foldable Mattress

Those with Back Ache


What is the best folding mattress in Singapore?

Top 7 Foldable Mattresses in Singapore

1. Foldable Foam Mattress

Foldable Foam Mattress is the Best Foldable Mattresses in Singapore

This comfortable mattress can be your best choice if you are facing issues because you have been sleeping on a low-quality mattress.  This mattress is made with high-quality foam that is known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and clean and sanitizing properties to help keep you away from dust allergies. Talking about the thickness, which plays a very important part in mattresses, it is available in different sizes as per your comfort and needs. The zipper cover with this mattress can be removed and washed at home only without worrying about affecting the quality of the fabric. You also get different color options to choose from for yourself.

Key Features:

  • Available in single and queen size
  • Available in a different amount of thickness as per your need
  • Good quality foam that keeps your away from dust and allergy
  • Cover with zipper easily removable and washable

You can get it at

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2. Seahorse HECOM Single Size Foldable Mattress Seahorse HECOM Single Size Foldable Mattress

You will be happy to hear about this amazing mattress that provides a different level of comfort on both sides. The two sides of this mattress where one is softer and another one is harder. This mattress can be folded easily which makes it less space-consuming and easy to adjust. The folding design is perfect for compact spaces where you cannot accommodate a lot of things. It is designed in three layers and has been made with the use of excellent quality sponge and foam that provide absolutely comfortable and relaxing sleep. The best part about this mattress is that it does not change its shape with time and is known for its durability. Other than that, it eases body pain and gives required comfort to the backbone and spine. You must get this amazingly built modern mattress right away.

Key Features:

  • Two sides mattress that is soft and hard on each side respectively
  • High-quality foam that does not lose its shape
  • Long-lasting and durable in nature
  • Foldable and requires less space to adjust

You can get it at

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3. Tatami Foldable Mattress

Tatami Foldable Mattress is top 7 Foldable Mattresses for Guests to Sleep on, What is the best folding mattress?

Are Ikea mattresses foldable?, Where can I buy cheap mattress in Singapore?, Does folding a mattress damage it?

For people who do not want to invest in heavy furniture and want to buy something that occupies less space due to space constraints, then this mattress is the right choice. Made with synthetic latex, which is a good quality material known for its durability, this mattress is quite soft in texture and provides a comfortable sleep. The sponge quality makes this piece outstanding and the modern design is something that speaks for it. The foldable nature of the mattress makes it possible to store in a compact space without affecting the shape. You must get this antibacterial mattress for your room to keep you safe and comfortable altogether. It is a good mattress that can be used both on the bed and the floor and can be used by both adults and kids freely.

Key features:

  • Three-layer folding ability without messing with the actual shape
  • Soft textured sponge used to provide great comfort
  • Easily manageable and can be stored in compact spaces
  • Works on both bed and floor as per your choice

You can get it at

4. Tencel Lyocell Foldable Mattress

Tencel Lyocell Foldable Mattress is 7 Best Mattress in Singapore for a Rejuvenating Slumber, foldable mattress singapore ntuc
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This one is a three-layer foldable mattress that has been made with the use of Japanese futons pocket spring to give stability to the mattress. The spring force is used in order to provide absolute comfort throughout. One of the best advantages of having a foldable mattress is that it can be used as a sofa as well, and is perfect to store away until its need arises. For smaller rooms, it is a great purchase. The elastic support in this mattress is skin-friendly so you do not have to worry about rashes and allergies. Other than that, these are sanitized properly for bacteria and fungal issues that usually occur in sponges. High-density foam plays a very important role in this product and keeps you away from uninvited back pains.

Key Features:

  • Good quality foam used to maintain stability and firmness
  • Can be used as a sofa in small spaces
  • Safe around people with dust allergies
  • Good quality linen utilized in the production

You can get it at

5. Moozz Joren Foldable Mattress

Moozz Joren Foldable Mattress is Cheap Foldable mattress

Planning to buy a mattress for your home? You have found the perfect option! This mattress is a good to go option as it is made with dense foam that helps in keeping the stiffness and comfort of the mattress intact. Not all the mattresses provide puffed cushioning, so just go for this very nicely built mattress that provides proper comfort and stability. You also get various size options as per your convenience. Other than just choosing the size, you can also opt for the number of folding you want such as two layers, three layers, etc. For maintenance, you can dry-clean these mattresses while putting the zippers properly or just wash them in cold water without scrubbing. You can choose from a range of standard colors that are available.

Key Features:

  • High-quality foam for cushioned experience
  • Wash in cold water without scrubbing or go for the dry clean option
  • Available in different layers
  • Various color options available

You can get it at

6. Superfoam Foldable Mattress

Superfoam Foldable Mattress is the best cheap mattress, Single & Super Single, Sleep better and wake up refreshed

Although this foldable mattress is slightly more expensive, having one can turn out to be a long term investment. The reason these mattresses last for a longer time is due to the thick material used in the production. Thick and cushioned surfaces are suitable for heavy people so as to provide them with an ample amount of comfort. The cover is made with good quality fabric that is breathable and skin-friendly and can be washed with the zip on. This mattress is sanitized properly for bacteria, fungal, and dust, which is quite an essential step to prevent allergic symptoms in individuals.

Key Features:

  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • Quite thick for super comfort
  • Skin-friendly fabric used for the cover which is also washable
  • Free for bacterial, fungal, and dust properties

You can get it at

7. SnD Foldable Mattress

SnD Foldable Mattress is a good mattress, Which brand of mattress is the best in Singapore?, Is Seahorse foldable mattress good? 2 inch /3 inch/4 inch

Made with polyurethane foam density, which is different from plastic foams, this excellent quality mattress has been manufactured with a double layer of thickness and density to provide a comfortable experience. This one can be a good choice as it helps your body relax and also works wonders at relieving you from pain. This mattress is available in different sizes of 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches. Regarding the fabric, it has a removable microfiber fabric that is made with synthetic materials, mainly polyester and nylon. So, get this mattress based on your requirements of size and enjoy comfortable sleeping.

Key Features:

  • Polyurethane foam density rather than a usual thermoplastic foam
  • Good thickness and long-lasting
  • Good for people with back issues
  • Microfiber fabric used for the removable cover

You can get it at

Is Foldable Mattress Good?

These were some of the best foldable mattresses in Singapore that you can check out. These mattresses are super comfortable, last for a pretty long time, and are so compact you can fit them anywhere. If you had been thinking of purchasing one for your home, it is finally time. You can check out the mattresses mentioned above and choose the one that suits all your needs. These are definitely the right choices for you, so get them today!

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