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Back in the days, a highspeed fibre broadband plan was reserved for corporates use, hardcore gamers and the elite few. If you didn’t fall into any of these categories, then you didn’t have a good enough reason to get a good fibre broadband plan.

But, times have changed and we’ve come a long way from those analog modem days. Beep. In today’s modern world, many have shifted to a life that is heavily grounded in being connected to the online world. From your personal life to your business, having high-speed internet is the new norm. It should be accessible to everyone.

Correction. Not only accessible but affordable too. The days of paying as high as $599 a month for decent internet is gone, and frankly, we’re glad and happy to do away with that. When there used to be just one or two internet service providers in Singapore, now there are many. This new era of having choices for what internet service provider to get has, ultimately, led to a price war in the industry.

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Tips to Picking a Good Fibre Plan in Singapore

  • A 1 gbps per month plan is good enough for most households. And it is the most subscribed fiber plan in Singapore.
  • For gaming needs, a 2 gbps plan is recommended for lower latency, so smoother gameplay.
  • If possible, signing up for a longer term will give you a better deal (at least $10 savings every month).
  • As this is a long term commitment, choosing the cheapest deal may not be the best deal as some providers seem to encounter disruptions more often.
  • No contract deals may be a good way to test a provider’s network.
  • Find a bundle deal for even more savings.
  • Sometimes where you stay will also affect your network, so you may ask around the neighborhood to see who’s complaining.

So, a good internet with fast speed should be affordable, and companies have been making it more enticing to customers by adding in a ton of freebies — my, how the game and landscape has changed.

Here’s a brief look at the best fibre plans being offered in SG that you can get your hands on today.

Our Top Picks on Singapore Broadband Plans

There’s a lot of different fibre broadband plans here in Singapore, all at different price points at different speeds, crafted to cater to the different online needs of our vast community and society. With how extensive your internet options now are, we’ve narrowed down our top bets for the best fibre broadband plans with the Best 5 Wifi Plans according to how it fits your lifestyle. Here are out top picks:

Starhub – Fast & Reliable Wifi

StarHub-Inline_Green (1)






Free 2-month subscription; free installation & activation; free ROG gaming router; 24/7 customer support


Those looking into getting a long-contract (24-months)

Starhub fibre plan at a glance

Fast. Stable. A connection that sets you up to give you the best; we must be talking about Starhub! Known for their affordable fibre broadband plan, Starhub is a good bet for those thinking of going fibre.

Slow connections with Starhub? Not with its high-speed and stable fibre-optic network deemed as reliable as your favourite pair of kicks.

With a whopping internet speed of 2Gbsp, enjoy being able to do a lot with this plan. We’re talking about streaming videos, browsing the web, downloading apps, heavy internet research, video and voice calls, and above all, a seamless gaming experience. Do all that without any interruptions or delays.

Starhub has got great perks too, especially if you sign up for its 24-month contract plan. By signing up, it earns you a free two months worth of subscription. But the real cherry on top of the ice cream with Starhub has to be the fact that its service installation and activation comes with no fees. That’s right; there’s no price to pay with that aspect and we know that’s one of the many things that entices people to go for Starhub’s fibre broadband plan.

MyRepublic’s Google Nest Wifi

Fibre Broadband Plans my republic


$50.90 for 1 year contract




Safe network; reliable connection; comes with a free home phone line with unli calls; Google Assistant



MyRepublic fibre plan at a glance

When it comes to the internet and the family, chaos can ensue, especially with a connection that’s as slow as your grandfather’s grandfather. Luckily, MyRepublic is addressing that issue perfectly with its fibre broadband plan; introducing MyRepublic’s Google Nest Wifi!

It’s got a speed of 1Gbps and is a bit more pricey than other fibre broadband plans, but there’s a good reason for that. Compared to others, this plan comes with a Nest Wifi Router that has a great cover, allowing stable and super-speed internet throughout your home. An added perk is that MyRepublic’s Google Nest Wifi also comes with some extra help in the form of a free Google Assistant. Didn’t we tell you it was a great perk?

Activation and installation do come with a fee, but if you’re nearing the decision of re-contracting with them, you are entitled to a one-month free subscription. We think that balances things out rather nicely and we’ll take that any day!


Fibre Broadband Plans my republic singtel






Free registration; free installation; highly dependable customer support


Those who want an excellent and reliable network and customer support

Singtel fibre plan at a glance

When it comes to being a top internet provider in the city, Singtel definitely dominates the game, offering up some of the best fibre broadband plans in Singapore.

Fast and excellent internet connection with a speed of 1Gbps can be all yours at an excellent price of $49.90 per month. Yep, at that price, you’re guaranteed not only a fast connection but a stable one too. Binge-watching on Netflix, anyone?

Singtel also knows where to happily target its customers as Singtel also offers existing subscribers with 10% off on mobile plan subscriptions. Meanwhile, new customers get free registration and an AC router. Furthermore get $10 off when you switch providers. Score!

Also, highly commendable with Singtel is its customer support, and this is one of the reasons it has been hailed as one of the best. Good customer support paired with stellar internet is a combo we would love to have any time of the day. Internet service providers, take note! Customer support matters, even after-sales.


m1 Fibre Broadband Plans my republic


$52 for Game Pro Package




Free gaming router; prioritized traffic; overseas servers; smoother gameplay


Gaming at home

M1 fibre plan at a glance

It’s a fact, Singapore has a humongous population of gamers and internet service provider M1 knows this. In fact, M1 has made it a mission to anchor onto this critical point and provide gamers with a fibre broadband plan perfect for their needs. Enter, M1’s GamePro, the best broadband fibre plan for the professional gamer out there. Hell, it’s even great for casual gamers!

At $49.90 per month at the speed of 1Gbps, it presents itself to be more expensive than what we’re usually used to (compared to the other plans we’ve talked about here) but all with good reason. If you want gameplay that’s seamless and won’t get interruptions, M1’s GamePro delivers. How so?

Well, with a dedicated network and managed routing, M1 prioritizes your network’s traffic over others to give you the best gaming experience with decent graphics and a stellar connection. Game losses because of disconnections? Not with this plan.


Fibre Broadband Plans whizcomms






Free delivery, installation, and activation; short-term contract commitment; super affordable


Those who want a short-term contract

WhizComms has been wheezing Singaporeans into an improved online life with its fibre broadband plan that is fast and stable and also affordable!

At $34 a month, you won’t be breaking your back or your wallet just to have good internet. Why is it so affordable, you might ask? Well, WhizComms has openly stated that one goal it has is to make sure that they provide quality services for everyone to enjoy at a price that fits perfectly into one’sone’s budget.

We can’t stress enough how much you’re getting your money’s worth with this fibre broadband plan. We really can’t. WhizzComms has a 24-month contract, but it also allows you to go for a 12-month contract if you’re not ready to commit long-term. Take note; the 12-month option will come at a slightly higher price range.

But it doesn’t end at affordability and excellent service. WhizzComms ups the game with promos such as waived service fees, and free Viu subscriptions. With that, how can you say you’re not getting your money’s worth with WhizComms?

Which broadband is best in Singapore?

And that wraps up our lists on some of the best fibre broadband plans that you can get here in Singapore. Aren’t you excited to get your own internet plan already?

Yet with the number of fibre broadband plans there are, it also comes with the great responsibility of choosing the right plan for you and your loved ones.

Of course, as we’ve already stated earlier in the article, these were our top faves for fibre broadband plans that catered to different the different internet needs across different customer personas. There’s still a whole lot of different fibre broadband plans out there to discover and explore, but the five mentioned above are good enough to satisfy our needs.

With how good out internet service providers are, it will come as no surprise that the future holds even more for this industry. Think more affordable prices and even more freebies.

With that, choose your fibre broadband plan wisely and choose accordingly. Safe surfing!


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