Best Face Wash for Men in Singapore 2021

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Everyone wants to stay youthful and have better and cleaner skin. The demand for men’s skin care products that will can give clear skin, slow down aging, and provide the skin with more nutrition has been increasing over the last few years. Here we find the 10 best face wash in Singapore that will help the male gender achieve a look more groomed and healthy.

Taking care of one’s skin is always associated with femininity, traditionally real men do not purchase products on beauty, skin care and other facial cleanser products.

However in today’s time, social media, entertainment and corporate image presented both men and women with a need for smooth, bright skin and ideal facial line. This encourages more men to become conscious about their looks compared to men from previous generations.

Top 12 Face Wash for Men in Singapore

Major beauty and skin care companies has released exclusive quality products that are particularly suited for men’s skin and not women. Men’s skin is oilier, tougher, has more obvious looking pores and has more facial skin compared to women’s. Facial products preferred by men are usually easy to use and can easily penetrate the skin because they spend less time in the bathroom. Here are some of the reliable face wash for men.

1. Clinique for Men Face Wash – Best Face Wash for Men of Every Skin Type

This oil-free and gentle facial wash is suitable for normal to dry skin. It helps prepare the skin for a comfortable shave by leaving it fresh, comfortable and not too tight and dry. It thoroughly cleanses impurities and excess oil. It effectively cleanse and moisturizes the skin.

With skin care as one of its top priority, Clinique has this face wash specially formulated for men’s skin. It is easy to use and does not leave a dry and stretched feeling after use.

Clinique for Men Face Wash is the best mens face wash, best face wash for men with acne

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2. Nivea Men Acne Care Liquid Foam – Top Choice for Acne Control

best face wash for pimples and fairness for mens is the Nivea Men Acne Care Liquid Foam

Get long lasting oil control without drying out your skin with this liquid cleanser from Nivea Men. Its liquid form makes it easier to go cleanse pores deeply and the nutrients to be absorbed by the skin effectively. It has Water Sprout Technology that transforms the liquid into foam to clean the pores more thoroughly.

This face wash helps fight inflammation, bacteria and prevent acne from occurring. It can help reduce acne visible in just 5 days. The Magnolia Barks extract nourishes the skin after each use. It can also protect the skin from excessive oiliness for up to 8 hours.

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3. L’Oréal Men Pure and Matte Liquid Face Wash

L’Oréal Men Pure and Matte Liquid Face Wash is the best charcoal face wash for men, remove excess oil and provides gentle care to the skin

This liquid face wash uses magnetic charcoal that helps capture dirt, oil and other skin impurities. It is also enriched with ginger root extract that helps protect the skin from micro aggressions and continuously give an instant matte finish.

This easy foaming and fast rinsing liquid soap base is non-drying and non-irritating. It has 8% comfort shield active and peppermint extract that gives a clean, greaseless and comfortable finish.

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4. Gatsby Facial Wash Perfect Scrub

Gatsby Facial Wash Perfect Scrub is mens face wash for oily skin, best face wash for acne and pimples, face wash for puberty boy

Achieve a shine free and smooth skin with this face wash from Gatsby. It has double power scrub that thoroughly removes oil and dirt. It also helps get rid of excess sebum for a smooth and oil free face. The small scrub beads penetrates the skin and helps reduce rough surface of the skin.

These scrub beads act as a mild exfoliator to remove dead skin. It also has a cooling sensation the leaves a superior refreshing experience. It gives an added moisture to the skin that makes it look healthier.

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5. Bioré Men’s Double Oil Control Cooling Facial Wash

 Bioré Men’s Double Oil Control Cooling Facial Wash is the skin care products for men

This face wash from Bioré has oil-dissolving agents that breaks down and remove oil and dirt. This makes the face easier to clean compared to other face wash. The thick and creamy foam it produce aids in removing facial oil better.

It also gives a matte finish for a long lasting shine free skin. The menthol ingredient helps leave a cool and refreshed feel after use. If you are looking for a facial wash that cleanses without drying the skin, Biore Men’s oil control and facial wash is for you.

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6. Menscience Daily Face Wash

best mens face wash is  Menscience Daily Face Wash

If you are tired of using a regular bath soap for cleansing your face, this daily face wash from Mensciencce is perfect for you. It removes skin impurities without stripping off the skin’s natural conditioners. It helps clear grime and oily residue from deep within the pores.

This face wash contains glycolic acid and salicylic acid that dissolve skin dirt better than regular soap. It aids in making the skin soft and smooth for a healthy looking appearance. Maintain your skin’s natural moisture and make it more revitalized Menscience Daily Face Wash.

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7. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash – Best Premium Man’s Facewash

best face wash for pimples and fairness for mens

Refresh and reenergize your skin with this face wash from Kiehl’s. It is formulated with caffeine, invigorating citrus extracts and vitamins to make skin more revitalized. It softens the skin and prepares it for a less irritating and comfortable shave.

This face wash aids in resisting the effects of environmental stress such as weather and pollution, and gives a fresher and healthier appearance. The formula is suitable for normal to dry and sensitive skin.

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8. Garnier Men AcnoFight Wasabi Face Wash – Best for Teenagers

mens face wash for oily skin

This innovative face wash from Garnier incorporates the antibacterial properties of wasabi combine with salicylic acid to detoxify the face and reduce excess oil. It aids in reducing the chances of pimple, acne buildup, black heads with cleansing and brightening properties.

This facial wash has been clinically tested to kill 99% pimple causing bacteria and controls oil production for up to 6 hours. It also helps reduce signs of aging such as making the skin smooth and lessen the visibility of pores.

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9. Laneige Homme Oil Control Cleanse

mens face wash for oily skin

This scrub and cleanser from Laneige Homme cleans the skin surface by removing excess oil and stubborn dead skin cells. Its green cellulose beads deeply penetrates the pores and clean it thoroughly to avoid oil build up and without skin irritation.

It has multi-porous powder and jojoba oil that absorbs oil and moisturizes the skin after use. A menthol ingredient is also added to give a cool and refreshing feel after washing the face. This lightweight product can be used daily, but the number of use per day should be adjusted depending on the condition of the skin.

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10. Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash for Men

best face wash for pimples and fairness for mens

This foaming face wash refines, cleanses and smoothens the skin. The formula is designed for daily use and is suitable for normal and dry skin types. It dissolves excess oil and unclogs pores without drying the skin.

Dead skin cells are also removed to give a healthy appearance. It also helps soften and smoothen the beard hair for easy and comfortable shave. It has chamomile and peppermint extract that leaves a cool and refreshing feeling after use.

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11. Bro & T!ps Monster Wash

mens face wash for oily skin, Best men's face wash for oily skin Singapore is the Bro & T!ps Monster Wash, How do I choose a face wash for oily skin?, Is simple face wash good for oily skin?

This face wash and scrub rolled into one from Bro&T!ps has green capsule beads and dead sea salt granules that cleanses and exfoliates the skin effectively leaving a soft and smooth skin. It also contains natural charcoal ingredients that helps remove skin impurities making the skin more healthy.

This daily cleanser has cooling effect that does not irritate the skin. It also include other ingredients such as birch sap for added moisture, Moroccan lava clay to reduce black heads and white heads, and lemongrass extract to avoid acne causing bacteria.

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12. Fair and Handsome Oil Control Purifying Face Wash

Fair and Handsome Oil Control Purifying Face Wash is the best face wash for pimples and fairness for mens

Get a glowing skin that is shine free with this face wash from Fair and Handsome. It gives a squeaky clean and fresh looking face after every use. It removes excess oil and dirt using lumino peptides that also helps brighten and lighten the skin.

This face wash provides up to 8 hours of protection from oil and shiny face. It does not give a sticky and greasy feel that makes you feel more refreshed and confident all throughout the day.

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Where to Get the Best Facial Wash for Men

With more men getting more conscious about having healthy and youthful skin, there are now a number of face wash available in the market today. Having a good skin makes a good first impression that could affect a job interview, a date or a business deal. It also makes men become more confident in their own skin.

Aside from aftershave, cologne, hair styling products and deodorant, facial wash has become one of the staples in men’s bathroom essentials. Face wash that are especially tailored for men are usually formulated to create a foam to deeply target pores and has an effective and long lasting oil control. Especially since men tend to have more oily and thicker skin the women.

A good facial wash not only cleanses but also moisturizes the face. Some should also contains exfoliators to reduce ingrown hairs and soften the skin in preparation for shaving. There also face wash variants that targets specific skin problem areas such as black heads and white heads, acne, and dry and dull skin. It might be confusing to choose which face wash is suited for you, but these suggestions will definitely help finding the right product.

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