Best Face Masks in Singapore 2021

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When it comes to skin care, one of the essential regimen to maintain a healthy and rejuvenated skin is using a face mask. Some face mask gives you instant result from combating facial setbacks such as dryness, inflammation and redness. With masks getting a place in most skin care routine, we’ve listed some of the best face masks in Singapore that are proven to help plump, hydrate, and instantly boost the skin.

Facial masks actually have ingredients that actively improve the appearance and quality of the skin. They are designed to minimize pores, remove impurities, even out skin tone and increase in hydration all at the same time. With the incredible amount of skin care benefits, it is no wonder that face masks has been one of the most raved for beauty essentials.

Top 12 Face Masks in Singapore

1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

One of the bestselling facial masks in the market is this Indian Healing Clay Mask that contains 100% pure calcium bentonite clay.

Historically, clay mask has been part of ancient nobility to beautify and refresh their skins. Ancient Roman spas used different clay packs and treatments as part of their beauty ritual.

This mask is free from additives, animal products, and manufactured fragrances. It is a clean and natural solution designed even for sensitive skin.

It is perfect for those who want their skin free from dark spots and other blemishes. This mask works best with apple cider vinegar.

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Best to use these masks with the Best Facial Cleansers in Singapore.

2. Celavi Essence

Celavi Essence

This premier face masks from Korea can help reduce the signs of dark spots, pigmentation and puffiness. Incorporate this into your skincare routine and pamper yourself.

Some variants have anti-aging formula that helps reduce lines and wrinkles creating a firmer, healthier and more balanced skin. Others are much more focused on revitalizing skin texture, moisturizing and hydration.

They have a range of active ingredients like charcoal, pomegranate, aloe vera, cucumber and honey. No matter which mask you choose from their line it is not surprising to feel refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated.

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3. Innisfree Second Skin Mask

Innisfree Second Skin Mask
Price: $13.30

Available in brightening, firming, soothing, nourishing and moisturizing these masks from Innisfree help in improving skin barrier, texture, elasticity, transparency and increase in moisture content of the skin. The mask lowers the temperature of the skin to replenish and revive tired skin.

The mask is made from bio cellulose or from mesh structured microfibers that fits the skin perfectly as though it is a second skin. It fits perfectly on the contours of the face that makes it evenly distribute skin-activating ingredients all over the face.

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4. Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask

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A face mask that detoxifies, brightens and minimize the appearance of pores in 10 minutes might be the ultimate selling point of this clay mask from Sand & Sky.

The Australian Pink Clay attracts toxins and cleanses the skin deeply. It also tightens pores and gives an instant radiant boost making the skin looks less dry and dull.

Other ingredients such as witch hazel and kelp help speed up skin repair process, leaving you with smooth skin.

The Kakadu plum, mangosteen and pomegranate give a bright and even complexion. This mask is perfect for combination to oily skin, sensitive to dry skin, and acne prone skin.

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5. Black Sea Salt Deep Purifying Oxygen Bubble Face Mask

Black Sea Salt Deep Purifying Oxygen Bubble Face Mask is Best face mask sheets Singapore, Which face mask sheet is best?, Are sheet face masks good?, Which is better sheet mask or face mask?

Have deeply cleaned and even pores with this black sea salt bubble face mask. It helps remove black heads and oily dirt from pores. It effectively removes dead skin cells and gives a delicate smooth skin.

As we grow older the amount of oxygen that the face has decreases. This mask contains perfluorocarbons that has oxygen to produce collagen which makes the skin look less dull and dehydrated. The bubbling technology helps dirt loosen up your face making it easy to remove. Make your skincare routine more fun with this oxygen bubble face mask.

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6. Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask

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With its high concentration of salt and minerals, this Dead Sea mud mask allows users to have smooth and clear skin. It allows skin to be properly rejuvenated by effectively exfoliating and removing dirt, excessive oil and other skin impurities.

This Dead Sea Mud Mask helps combat breakouts and reduces the appearance of eczema, psoriasis, blackheads and acne. It is also suitable for all skin types.

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7. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Make your skin feel bouncy, hydrated and full of life with this water sleeping mask from Laneige. It is a mask that gives your skin enough hydration as you go to sleep. It gives moisture and recharges your skin deeply overnight.

It has Hunza apricot and evening primrose that works to purify fatigued skin from damage and external stressor that the skin went through during the day.

It feels super lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin that it can actually be used every day. Make your last step of skincare help your skin be supple and hydrated with this overnight mask.

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8. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Mask

8L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Mask

These masks from L’Oreal have been getting much hyped in the beauty community for it is super affordable and best of all it actually works. You can purchase more than one of its variants and use it on specific portions of the face.

The Yuzu Lemon mask clarifies the tone of the skin and shed dead skin cells to give a smooth and polished skin surface.

The Seaweed Mask are formulated with vitamins and minerals of seaweeds from France that gives a soothing and comforting feeling.

The charcoal mask is sourced from Japan that effectively removes dirt, oil and pollution that leaves skin bright and detoxified.

The red algae mask naturally exfoliates and soothes the skin. And lastly the eucalyptus mask has a refreshing fragrance that mattifies and energizes the skin.

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9. LuLuLun Daily Face Mask

LuLuLun Daily Face Mask

LuLuLun is a Japanese skincare committed to provide high quality face mask at affordable prices. The classic mask series are moisturizing (pink), deeply moisturizing (blue) and whitening (white). All of it has hyaluronic acid that gives skin collagen and slows down it aging process.

Other ingredients include aloe vera that soothes the skin, royal jelly for moisture retention, and white rice ceramide for reducing spots and pigmentation.

The deeply moisturizing variant replaces the aloe vera with citrus and seaweed extract to effectively lock in moisture and lessen dead skin cells so that the skin can be properly nourished.

The whitening variant has plantago seeds, prune extract and vitamin C that reduce the appearance of pores and dark spots.

These masks provide moisture to the skin without putting too much stress on it. The mask essence has a nice and watery consistency that can easily be absorbed by the skin.

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10. Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask

Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask

This mask is recommended by most beauty professionals. It has a formula made from aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba oil and other natural minerals that removes toxins from the skin and provide a healthy blood circulation.

It also has natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc and potassium to further detoxify and cleanse the skin.

It effectively extracts toxins and other impurities deep within the skin by absorbing excess oil and removing dead skin. It also eliminates acne and black heads and gives the skin enough moisture to achieve a younger and clear looking skin. This mask from Aria Starr products are paraben free, alcohol free and cruelty free.

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11. The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Night Mask

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Night Mask

Renowned for its anti-bacterial properties, tea tree promotes faster healing of pimple and acne. This mask from The Body Shop is infused with tea tree grown from the mountains in Kenya. It deeply cleanses the skin and removes dirt, oil and other impurities.

It gives a soothing and calming feeling upon application. It also makes pores less visible which gives you a smooth and clear skin. It is alcohol free and no pillow staining formula which leaves you waking up with no worries and with a healthier looking skin.

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12. Garnier Skin Active Sheet Mask

Garnier Skin Active Sheet Mask

Get half a bottle of hydrating serum in this facial mask from Garnier. There are four different masks to choose from depending on what you need. The hydrating sheet mask gives a soft and radiant skin after use. A fresh and purified skin is expected from the mattifying sheet mask.

The glow-boosting mask, on the other hand, gives a healthier more luminous skin. A soothing mask is also available to have a nourished, soft and smooth skin. Each mask has hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates the skin. It has a non-greasy formula that is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

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Where to Buy the Best Facial Mask in Singapore

Facial masks are an easy and effective way to give your skin an immediate boost of vitamins and nourishment. From aloe vera, charcoal, clay and mud masks, these facial masks have unique active ingredients that would be beneficial for the skin.

It has antioxidants and other natural ingredients that aids in relaxation, hydration, pore cleansing, skin brightening and sometimes even promotes blood circulation. With regular and proper use, facial masks can keep the skin smooth and have an even complexion.

Keep in mind that in order to make the most out of the mask and get outstanding long-term benefits, it has to be incorporated with other skin care steps such as cleansing, toning and moisturizing the face.

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