Best Digital Locks in Singapore 2021

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So, you finally move in to a new home. That’s awesome! I’m very delighted for you, dear reader. In fact, I want to show you something that you might need to safeguard your family and create a truly connected smart lifestyle. That is, where to find the Best Digital Locks in Singapore.

Now you might probably be thinking, isn’t the good typical door lock at home be enough? You can still use them though, but would that be enough? Door security is now the rage, so, give me a minute to hear me out. Do you know that having a digital lock in your home tremendously improves your home security thus giving you a safer, more convenient and happier home for your family, away from any troubles?

So here are some of the best digital locks that you can find online (Shopee Singapore and Amazon Singapore). These digital locks have different features that makes them suitable for any needs, so they are versatile in many ways. Trust me, these digital locks will be highly effective in creating a safe yet convenient environment.

Let’s get started!

Top 7 Digital Locks in Singapore

1. Samsung SHS-H700

This is what I think, is one of the coolest on this list. The Samsung SHS-H700 is a smart digital lock that has many positive features that it is worth looking at. This lock has two ways to keep your place secured yet providing an easy, safe entry.

The Samsung SHS-H700 features a numeric touch keypad for a 4-12-digit password and a fingerprint scanner. Having that biometric fingerprint scanner makes a big difference in terms of security as it is harder to breach. The door will unlock within seconds and this is really appreciated when you are back home after a long day. On the other hand, the keypad does light-up in blue so that it is visible to use even during dark conditions.

Best Smart Lock,The Top 6 Best Keyless Entry Systems is Samsung SHS-H700

The Samsung SHS-H700 also have other incredible security features to look at. First, it has what we call a randomizer. This is a very powerful feature where you are required to press two random numbers first before entering your password. That way prevents anyone else from seeing what exactly your password is.

Secondly we notice how the digital lock maintains its power supply. This security system is battery powered but it has an alarm to notify you if you need to replace the batts. Moreover it has an emergency power supply where you can still open the door by using a 9V battery. You attach it on the digital lock’s built in charging terminal.

The digital lock also sounds an loud alarm in case the door is opened forcefully, or a password is entered incorrectly for more than 5 times. This is a great feature as it alerts your neighbors if anyone tries to enter your home without permission.

So overall, if you are looking for a digital lock that has many features that you can choose from while having your place properly secured, then this is the one for you. Furthermore installation is easy and smooth.

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2. Elemake Keyless Digital Door Lock

Starting of with a simple yet effective digital door lock. The Elemake is a keyless digital door lock that features a digital code combination for security. It is made from sturdy stainless steel, so it can last for a good amount of time. However, one thing to note is that this digital lock is only compatible with single bore doors and not a deadbolt type of door. The digital door lock is also battery powered and will last for 2 to 3 years.

Best Keyless Door locks in Singapore is the Elemake Keyless Digital Door Lock the number pads are protruded good for visually impaired, digital lock for HDB, Which digital lock is best in Singapore?

In terms of security, you’ll have to enter 4-8 digits on the keypad on the digital lock. This will of course unlock the door if entered correctly. For a start, the Elemake Keyless Digital Door lock does come in left handed or right-handed lock variants to choose from. So overall, this is a much simpler and yet good enough to have around as your main door lock.

An electric door lock with protruding keypad is good if you are staying with visually impaired member in the household.

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3. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock

xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock review

Xiaomi is an internationally recognised brand now and their smart devices are always innovative and sleek. The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock is the smallest and most compact one of all. It can be unlocked with 4 different methods including fingerprint recognition and smartphone bluetooth.

You can open the door using the Xiaomi’s proprietary app called the Mi Home APP. This app turns your phone as a key to unlock the door through the smart digital lock. But if the application is not your thing, then you can also use its fingerprint sensor located at the side of the lock. The sensor area is large and accurate enough for the door to open within seconds.

I have nothing to say but praise in terms of how Xiaomi designed this smart digital lock. It is subtle and compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your door. There is also a keyhole for additional security.

Plus, due to its size, it can go unnoticed by anyone unless they look closer to it. If you are looking for something that is small and have smart features that makes access easier and secure, then this is the one that is worth considering.

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4. Loghome LH600SKN Digital Door Lock

The Loghome LH600SKN is a digital door lock that is also a great option to securing your home. This one however does some features that what I think is a good reason to pick one of these up. This is quite like the previous digital locks but has some features that differentiates it.

Best Door lock brand

So, the Loghome has three ways for you to secure your home. They have a keypad for a 3-19-digit passcode, an RFID and a fingerprint scanner. It is also able to register and store up to 200 fingerprint, 50 RFID cards and 3 emergency keys.

This is a good option to get if you want a digital lock that can store large number of keys for multiple people.

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5. Coolous Smart Digital Door Lock & Signstek Digital Door Lock

Best Keyless Door locks is Coolous Smart Digital Door Lock

The Coolous (top) and Signstek (bottom) are two digital door locks that functions very similar to each other. Both the Coolous and the Signstek have digital keypads where you can enter a digit password combination.

Both also have a cool backlighting so that it is visible in the dark. The Signstek one has a blue light while the Coolous has a white one. It is also reversible, so it is greatly compatible with a left-handed or right-handed door. So overall, this is another great option to look at.

Best Smart Lock is Signstek Digital Door Lock in Singapore
Signstek Digital Door Lock

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6. Tiffane Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

The Tiffane door lock is another smart lock like the Xiaomi Sherlock but it is designed to replace your entire door handle. It got great features so let’s look at those.

You can lock and unlock the door using the dedicated fingerprint scanner right on the door handle itself. The digital lock can also be installed in 3-minutes and it is good to go. Such feature is always great for those who always lose their keys.

Digital Door Lock Review

The Tiffane Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock also has a dedicated app called the TTLock that enables you to have more control over your digital lock. From the app itself, you can monitor the digital lock’s activities and manage your fingerprint database.

This is a perfect digital lock for a home that is situated in a rather busy place such as an apartment or condominium. It can even be used as a lock for a specific room around your house.

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7. ZKTeco Bluetooth Enabled Digital Door Lock, Dorliona TL400B Fingerprint Digital Door Lock and the Buildone H-7000PSK Digital Door Lock.

These 3 digital door locks have many similarities but are different in certain ways. Aside from their distinctive design, it is their features that makes them so unique to each other. So, what do they have in common?

They all have several ways of unlocking and locking the doors they hold. They can utilize smart keycard and numeric touch keypad. Although the ZKTeco has a keyhole for a backup key so that it ensures you that you can still enter.

Best Door lock brand

The Buildone H-7000 has a different handle than the other two. It utilizes a push and pull method rather than a traditional twist handle.

On the other hand, both ZKTeco and Dorliona has built-in fingerprint scanners that you can use as another way to enter. They also have smart apps that you can download for your smartphone. These apps alert you of any unusual activities and keeps track of activities.

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Best Keyless Door locks

The ZKTeco does have a smart feature called a Private mode where all normal users cannot enter the room except the admin. This is especially important if you require a full private time for yourself.

However the installer has to take note that the ZKTeco has to be installed on a door that is drill-able since an additional hole is needed for the keypad.

So, if you are in a market for a digital door lock that has multiple options and has the capacity to track any activities, then this one is worth considering on your list.

Best Smart Lock

So, there you have it! The best Digital Locks in Singapore. These digital locks not only have great features that makes them unique from one another, but also incredibly improves your home security thus making it safe and happy for the family.

But if you have already installed any one of these, please share with us your experience and how it was able to safely secure your home or place.

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