Best Diaper Bags in Singapore 2021

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For moms and dads, especially first-time parents, having a newborn means you’ve got nappies, nappies, and more nappies at home and everywhere! So, even before the little addition to the family arrives, you should start looking for the Best Diaper Bags in Singapore.

What’s great about using nappy bags is that you can literally put everything your baby needs when you go outside. You don’t need to bring tons of separate bags just to keep everything organized. Diaper bags are one of the best creations in the baby stuff world! It provides the utmost convenience to parents all around the world. Now, let us take a look at our top 10 diaper bags that you can get for your cute baby. Or some baby shower gifts ideas here!

Top 10 Diaper Bags in Singapore

10 Diaper Bags in SingaporeBest Deal
Toddler’s Finest Nappy Bag$49.95
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Diaper Bag$12.79 – $13.74
Alomeda Diaper Bag$28.50
Insular Baby Diaper Bag$28.20 – $49.40
Insular 10085 Baby Diaper Bag$29.90
Ice Ivy Diaper Bag$32.00
Insular Printed Nappy Bag$21.09
7-pc. Diaper Bag$36.75
Baby Stroller Nappy Bag$7.30
SoHo Large Capacity Waterproof Baby Nappy Bag$23.32
Which diaper bag is the best to buy in Singapore?

1. Toddler’s Finest Nappy Bag

The Toddler’s Finest Nappy Bag has the same general look that most nappy bags do, but this diaper bag prides on its 5 + 1 large inner capacity. Its compartments are large and smartly placed all around the bag, so moms can always have their baby’s things organized.

It also comes with three bottle holders, so spilling won’t be an issue even if you’re traveling. The bottle compartments are also insulated to keep the milk warm for hours. The best part about this bag is that it has a Smart Anti-Theft pocket so that mommies and daddies can place their valuables securely even when walking through a crowd of people.

Other Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Fish mouth design top opening
  • With two-sided expandable pockets
  • Colors: Pink, Gray

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2. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Diaper Bag

When it comes to baby stuff, choosing Disney items is always a choice! The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Diaper Bag is a perfect diaper bag for your little one. The only thing I can say is that wearing this bag is super comfortable, and you can also make use of the buckle to attach the bag to the stroller.

It also has a side compartment for tissue papers and baby wipes, making it easier to pull out wipes when a nappy change is needed. The fabric used for this bag is an Oxford waterproof cloth, making it always reliable even during rainy days.

Other Features:

  • Multi-functional
  • Elastic side pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated bottle compartment.

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3. Alomeda Diaper Bag

Make every trip with your baby convenient for you and your family with the help of the Alomeda Diaper Bag. This bag’s most impressive feature is its reflective stripes that shines in the dark to keep parents and babies away from any danger.

It also has special designs to make room for your wipes and tissues without causing so much mess when you pull a sheet off. The back zipper of the bag also keeps your personal items safe from pickpockets. I also admire this bag’s stitching because it looks super durable, and you can use it for your next babies too!

Other Features:

  • With built-in thermal insulation
  • Can hold two feeding bottles
  • With stroller straps
  • Waterproof

Get this diaper bag at

4. Insular Baby Diaper Bag

Some mommies have twins or more! So, one regular diaper bag won’t be enough for your family trip. You need something like the Insular Baby Diaper Bag. It has several large pockets, all wide enough to fit all your baby’s needs.

It also has a single shoulder strap, so you would feel like you’re just carrying your work bag! Who says nappy bags don’t go with the trendy fashion too?! Also, the large opening makes it easier for parents to look for what they need without getting all the stuff out.

This bag is made of high-quality polyester that is not just sturdy but also wear-resistant too.

Other Features:

  • With stroller straps
  • Functional partitions

Get this diaper bag at

5. Insular 10085 Baby Diaper Bag

Pack all your baby’s stuff every time you go outside and use the Insular 10085 Baby Diaper Bag. Mommies can choose from blue, purple, black, gray, and red for her little one. This diaper bag fits three big feeding bottles, and it has an aluminum cover to keep the milk warm for hours. In addition to that, this bag has a strap-on removable changing mat. You never have to worry about forgetting a changing mat anymore!

We love the simple yet stylish design of this bag, and aside from a stroller buckle, it also has a top handle. This makes the bag easier to carry, in any way that you prefer. Like the other bags that we have reviewed, this bag has a safety pocket where mommies and daddies can keep their belongings.

Other Features:

  • Comes with one wet bag
  • With five and more compartments

Get this diaper bag at

6. Ice Ivy Diaper Bag

If you’re a husband looking for something to buy for your pregnant wife, she will be the happiest when you get her the Ice Ivy Diaper Bag! This is a memorable gift that is not just perfect for your wife, but of course, for your baby too!

This diaper bag is made from high-quality and waterproof nylon fabric, which is also resistant to abrasions and dirt. It has an elegant look, so your wife would always enjoy carrying this bag. Aside from that, this can also be used as a travel bag because of its large compartments.

It also comes with a large diaper changing pad, which is approximately 22(H) x 21(W) inches. You also get to have a wet and dry bag to separate your baby’s clothes properly inside the bag.

Other Features:

  • Can store three big baby bottles with insulation
  • With two stroller hooks
  • With double zippers

Get this diaper bag at

7. Insular Printed Nappy Bag

Did you know that the Insular Printed Nappy Bag can carry up to 9kg of your baby’s stuff? Yes, mommy! This bag would never break apart regardless of how much stuff you carry. Plus, you get to have different designs to choose from for your baby boy or girl.

The strap style is one shoulder, so it is perfect for moms and dads who don’t like backpack types of nappy bags. It is even large enough to fit your tablet in the back pocket. It also has two string Velcro pockets at the front where you can put additional things for your little one.

Other Features:

  • With stroller straps
  • With free changing mat
  • Waterproof
  • Made from nylon fabric

Get this diaper bag at

8. 7-pc. Diaper Bag

Based on the name itself, I know you are curious to know what you’ll get if you wanted to purchase this diaper bag. You are getting the bag itself, a bottle bag, a small purse, stroller straps, a clothing bag, a changing pad, and a small bag.

All of these accessories and the bag has a striped khaki design that would go on any occasion that you and your baby are going to. It also has an insulated bottle compartment, just like the rest of the nappy bags above. Enjoy the extra roomy compartments and stuff all your baby’s things without a hassle.

Other Features:

  • Handbag design
  • Polyester fabric

Get this diaper bag at

9. Baby Stroller Nappy Bag

If you just need a small and compact bag for additional storage on your baby’s stroller, this nappy bag is for you. This small but reliable bag is lightweight, dirt-resistant, and also breathable. You can also easily wash this bag whenever you need to.

It has lots of partitions to keep your baby’s things in place. It also has two bottle holders on each side, so milk spilling all over the bag won’t be a problem anymore. It also comes with a six-pocket design, all roomy enough to provide adequate space for all the stuff your little one needs.

Other Features:

  • Detachable main bag
  • Fits most strollers
  • Hollow top cover
  • With hand strap and trailer design

Get this diaper bag at

SoHo Large Capacity Waterproof Baby Nappy Bag

If your family is taking your baby to a vacation, then you would need this Large Capacity Waterproof Baby Nappy Bag! This nappy bag would save you from using a handful of other bags just to put all your baby’s belongings and needs.

It is complete with all functional features and has a total of 11 pockets all over the bag to organize all your things. You can also use the personal purse that comes along with the bag whenever you go out with your baby. This bag gives extra room and almost doubles the capacity of regular nappy bags. If you’re a travelling family, this bag would perfectly suit your lifestyle!

Other Features:

  • Breathable back
  • With safety pocket
  • Zippered closure
  • Comes with a cushioned changing pad

Get this diaper bag at

Where to Buy Best Diaper Bags in Singapore

As a single mom of a 14-month old little boy, I can give you one friendly advice when choosing a diaper bag. The more pockets it has, the better! And you would surely need a waterproof bag to get you going regardless of any weather condition.

Also, you have to check the stitchings of the bag and make sure that they are of high quality. Most cheap bags come with poor stitching, so you’ll end up buying another bag when it rips.

The best diaper bag is the one that would give you all the convenience and organization that you need, so check out all these bags now and start making your new parent life easier!

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