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Whether you are using contact lenses to see better or for aesthetics, or both we all know how important proper hygiene is. Using eye drops or neglecting your contact lenses care routine not only exposes you to health risks but can also compromise the integrity of your contact lens.

The key to cleaning contact lenses is using contact lens solutions. The best contact lens solutions in Singapore are sure to keep your lenses clean and clear.

Having contact lenses can be risky especially when you don’t tend to them properly. For your benefit always disinfect and clean your contact lenses before you put them back in their containers and before you put them back on.

With contact lenses, there’s no such thing as too much cleaning, as long as you do it with the proper contact lens solution and care.

When you’re cleaning your contact lens the goal is to completely remove any debris, deposits, and germs lingering on the surface.

On the other hand, disinfection is killing germs that are present on your contact lenses that pose serious threats to your eye health.

There are 4 main ways to clean your contact lenses. These types of solutions often are specific for the type of prescription lenses you have and your eye’s sensitivity.

Multipurpose solutions are an all-in-one system to rinse, disinfect, clean, and store soft contact lenses. Why soft contact lenses you ask? These lenses are often fragile and because of that these one-stop solutions reduce the amount of physical handling the lenses need to be clean. Multipurpose solutions help reduce the likeliness of premature breaking that is common for soft contact lenses.

Saline solutions, on the other hand, do not disinfect lenses. Despite this, they are valuable for keeping your lenses longevity. Saline is used in rinsing lenses after the cleaning and disinfecting care routine. There are hydrogen-peroxide based solutions that suggest rinsing with saline solutions before you use it for better eye care.

Daily Cleaners are for cleaning only. They remove and loosen debris and deposits on your contact lens. Simply place 2 to 3 drops on the palm of your hand and rub it into the contact lens carefully. Additional products such as multipurpose contact lens solutions and saline solutions should be used as well. These are best for people on the go or traveling for a quick clean.

Gas Permeable Care Systems are for GP hard contact lenses that need a different solution and routine from soft contact lenses. They require individual products for disinfecting, cleaning, and wetting. It is best to consult an eye care provider or an opthalmologist to know how to properly care for your GP contact lens.

Top 10 Contact Lens Solutions in Singapore

1.Alcon Opti-Free Pure Moist Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution

The most important part of using contact lenses is cleaning and disinfection. Without this process, you’re gravely endangering your health. The good thing is that we have Opti-Free Puremoist with is an exclusive dual disinfectant.

Formulated with Polyquad and Aldox that rids your contact lenses of microorganisms that compromise the integrity of your contact lenses and may cause severe eye infections.

Its HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix coats your lenses with a cushion of moisture which provides you with comfort all day long while reducing debris and deposits.

Easily clean your contact lenses in 5 easy steps: Fill your empty lens cases with the Opti-Free Puremoist Multi-purpose Solution, wet both sides of the lens with the solution, carefully rub each side of the lens using your fingers for 20 seconds, rinse both sides with a steady stream for 10 seconds, and finally return the lenses to their cleaned containers.

Opti-Free Puremoist is the number one recommended multi-purpose solution by ophthalmologists everywhere.

2. Abbott Complete Easy Rub Multi-Purpose Solution

There are contact lense solutions that work best for specific types of contact lenses. Abbott Complete Easy Rub Multi-Purpose Solution is the best contact lens solution for astigmatism specific lenses.

Prescribed soft toric lenses are shaped to suit your eye needs. As such the cleaning involved differs from other contact lenses. You need a solution and cleansing routine that isn’t too rough that may deform or tear your contact lenses. Abbott’s easy rub formula is specifically made to disinfect your lenses without requiring too much physical handling to preserve the integrity of your soft lenses.

3. Bausch & Lomb Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution

Bausch & Lomb SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution is best for gas permeable lenses prescribed for astigmatism.

When you use rigid and hard gas permeable contact lenses you have to use specific contact lens solutions that will not damage your lenses. The SIMPLUS cleansing system will help you disinfect, clean, and condition your contact lenses properly.

All you need to do is soak your lenses for at least four hours to remove any proteins left on your contact lenses and proper disinfection. Proper cleaning routines help your contact lenses last longer and reduce any likeliness of contracting irritations.

4. Biotrue Multi-purpose Solution

Biotrue is perfect for contact lenses made from silicone hydrogels. It matches your tears’ natural pH level for long-lasting comfort.

Healthy tears are beneficial for your eyes since it keeps them moist and healthy throughout your activities. Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution matches your healthy tears pH level of 7.5 to actively enhance the efficacy of its dual disinfectant technology.

It also helps maintain tears’ natural antimicrobial process by keeping the Iysozymes active. Hyaluronan, which is a natural lubricant for our eyes provides 20 hours of moisture freeing you from prolonged irritation.

Use Biotrue daily to dissolve and clean protein deposits from your contact lenses while removing debris and deposits from your soft contact lenses.

5. Bausch + Lomb Renu Fresh Multipurpose Solution

Biofilm and protein debris in soft contact lenses can cause irritation and other eye health risks. Use Bausch + Lomb Renu Fresh multipurpose Solution with patented Hydranate that destroys harmful microorganisms and destroys bacteria build-up on your lenses.

Bausch + Lomb is a reputable eye health brand that has been used for decades by thousands all over the globe. Keep your soft contact lenses clean and free from irritants today.

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6. Opto Pharm P2 Revitalise Multi-Purpose Solution

Opto Pharm P2 Revitalise Multi-Purpose Solution is a best-selling multi-purpose contact lens solution that does it all. Easily store, disinfect, clean, rinse, and rewet your lenses without any hassle.

It is specially formulated for soft contact lenses. Containing hyaluronan, known moisture and comfort giving ingredient that removes lipids and proteins from your contact lenses.

7. Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution

Saline solutions effectively loosen debris and daily cleaner residues when used after cleaning as a final disinfection step. Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution gently work on your contact lenses with pH-balanced potassium enriched formula.

The best part is that it works on both soft and gas permeable lenses. The solution is Sorbic and Thimerosal free.

8. Bausch and Lomb Boston Advance Cleaner Solution

Designed specially to remove debris and deposits from gas permeable lenses for a clear and clean feel. Boston Advanced Cleaner removes lipids, protein, and film accumulation on your lenses effectively.

It cant be used with soft lenses and has a tinted formulation for better rinsing. Simply rub both sides of your contact lenses for 20 seconds and rinse with saline solution to remove debris. Works better when combined with Conditioning Solutions.

9. Opto Pharm Saline Solution

Saline solutions are perfect for rinsing tough debris and build-ups from your contact lenses. They act as an additional cleaning process to ensure the integrity of your contact lenses.

Opto Pharm Saline Solution is a best-selling saline solution trusted by millions of contact lens all over the globe.

10. Bausch and Lomb Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution

Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution is the second step to Bausch + Lomb’s contact lens cleaning line. It is an important disinfecting step for gas-permeable rigid contact lenses.

The conditioning solution is the second step of the dual cleansing system that ensured your contact lens protection from a harmful microorganism that may cause eye irritation and pose health risks. Formulated with a patented system that cushions your contact lenses and soothes your eyes for extra comfort during the day.

After you cleanse your GP contact lenses with Boston Advance Cleaner simply place the lenses in your contact lens container and fill with the conditioning solution.

Leave it to soak for at least four hours or overnight for better results. When you’re ready to use your contact lenses simply rinse them with the conditioning solution for added cushioning and comfort.

Getting the Right Contact lense Solutions

Contact lenses help us a lot. Whether you need them to see better without distractions or for aesthetic purposes properly cleaning and disinfecting them are key. Our eye health is just as important as other parts of the body.

Since our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs we have we always have to take extra precautionary measures to ensure that nothing will compromise our eye health.

Contact lens solutions allow us to clean and disinfect effectively removing debris, build-ups, and bacteria before we use it the following day.

The best contact lens solutions in Singapore ensure that your contact lenses will remain clean and clear every day.

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