Best Ceiling Fan in Singapore 2021

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With everyone spending more and more time at home, now’s the perfect time to invest in something that will make your living area more comfortable. In this day and age – this new normal – our homes are no longer just homes; they are offices, they are classrooms, they’re personal gyms, and they’re restaurants, and more. Since the start of the pandemic, the average household has become not just a place of rest but a place of work, of study, of discovery, and more.

With that, one of the best investments you can make right now is to make your home a comfortable, happy space that’s conducive to productivity and stress-relief. One way to do just that is to get a ceiling fan for your home.

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Ceiling Fans vs Stand Fans: Which is better?

Ceiling fans may be a little more expensive than the typical stand fan, but when it comes to a solid, all-around solution for keeping your entire home fresh and breezy, the former brings a lot more to the table. With a ceiling fan, you can enjoy several benefits, including:

Save Energy

Back in the day, ceiling fans were these large, ungainly pieces of hardware that not only cost a lot, but also were very expensive to operate. Thanks to better, more energy-efficient technology, ceiling fans today can actually save you energy thanks to their cost-effective operation.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike typical stand fans that require an entire process to clean effectively, all you’ll need to do to clean a standard ceiling fan is to bust out your duster and swipe away. There are even special tools to help you clean your ceiling fan effortlessly, and in minutes.

Style and Space

While stand fans tend to occupy precious floor space in your home or office, a ceiling fan is completely unobtrusive and takes up ceiling space that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Better Air Circulation

More powerful and usually placed in optimal locations for air circulation, ceiling fans deliver not only more air flow but also causes the air to circulate more evenly around your home.

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans You Can Buy in Singapore

If you’re looking for a ceiling fan to help make your home a more comfortable, refreshing place, then you come to the right place. There are dozens of ceiling fan brands out there – with hundreds of makes and models between them – and it’s easy to get lost in the sheer number of options available to you. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the best ceiling fans you can buy in Singapore – so you can get straight to the good stuff without having to sort through the less-than-quality options that are far too common today. Check out the list below to find out more!

FANCO B-STAR DC Motor Ceiling Fan

FANCO B-STAR DC Motor Ceiling Fan is 5 Best Ceiling Fans of this year, KDK ceiling fan for HDB flat

One of the biggest brands when it comes to electric fans, FANCO has long been regarded as one of the most reliable and consistent quality fan manufacturers in the world – at least since they started out over two decades ago. Their most reliable and energy-efficient product – the FANCO B-STAR DC Motor Ceiling Fan – is one of our top picks if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable ceiling fan for your home.

Powered by a DC Motor, the FANCO B-STAR Ceiling Fan operates at a much lower noise level than traditional AC-powered fans. It also helps the fan consume at least 50% less energy compared to other brands and models. The built-in LED lights make this ceiling fan a great multipurpose fixture that provides lighting and air flow, while the convenient remote control lets you interface with the fan easily.

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CRESTAR ValueAir 48” Ceiling Fan

Which brand of ceiling fan is best in Singapore?, CRESTAR ValueAir 48” Ceiling Fan is good brand of ceiling fan is best in Singapore, How do I choose a ceiling fan in Singapore?

CRESTAR is another household name for electric fans that have been proudly serving the global market since 2003. For almost two decades, CRESTAR has become a powerful icon of the home appliance industry, combining high-quality materials with innovative technology to create fans that can stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for a powerful, yet low-cost ceiling fan with a pedigree for quality and reliability, then look no further than the CRESTAR ValueAir 48” Ceiling Fan. Powered by a CRESTAR Energy Inverter DC Motor, this ceiling fan boasts high energy efficiency and low noise emissions across the board. With high-quality ABS Acrylic blades and metal alloy housing, the build quality on the CRESTAR ValueAir 48” Ceiling Fan is obvious from both touch and operation. It’s also extremely ergonomic thanks to the intuitive remote control that lets you set the fan to any of its six speeds, as well as control the 20W Tri-Color LED lights equipped on the fan head.

KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan

KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan is good in Singapore, Which brand of ceiling fan is best in Singapore?, What brand of ceiling fan is the best?

It might not be the absolute best brand when it comes to electric fans, but KDK is arguably one of the most popular and best-selling fan brands you’ll find anywhere. Combining high-value market offerings with budget-friendly price tags, KDK is the best brand when you want affordability without making any compromises on quality. To that end, we recommend the KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan, one of the brand’s best-selling products.

Built with Japanese technology, the KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan offers solid performance for the price. The compact controlled regulator offers efficient performance, while the five-speed control selection lets you operate this ceiling fan at more precise speeds. Equipped with metal fan blades, the KDKM60SG is designed for durability and longevity.

One thing we would have loved to see with the KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan is a remote control for easier and more convenient access to speed settings, but the wall-mounted control system works just fine, too. This ceiling fan is also not equipped with any lighting fixtures.

ALASKA Fern 46” Ceiling Fan

ALASKA Fern 46” Ceiling Fan

Proudly produced right here in Singapore, ALASKA brand electric fans are loved by local consumers for their reliability and performance consistency. While the company offers a wide variety of fans and fixtures that combine innovative technology and product variations to cater to different needs and budgets, we highly recommend the ALASKA Fern 46” Ceiling Fan as one of the best all-around ceiling fans money can buy in the local market.

With energy-efficiency at its core, the ALASKA Fern 46” Ceiling Fan boasts economic performance powered by a DC motor capable of up to 280 rpm. This power translates efficiently through the fan’s six speed settings, which can be conveniently controlled through the intuitive remote control. The Remote also lets you control the direction of the fan, and choose between forward or reverse functions. Made with aluminum PC blades, this fan also boasts higher durability and improved aerodynamics resulting in great wind output.

Equipped with 20W RGB LED lights, the ALASKA Fern is more than just a ceiling fan – it’s also an excellent and versatile lighting fixture that can add color and ambience to any room you find it in. Plus, since it’s produced locally, owners of the ALASKA Fern 46” Ceiling Fan can enjoy convenient service and warranty protection – 10 years for the motor, 3 years on the parts, and 1 year warranty for labor and service.

AEROAIR AA-120 Ceiling Fan

AEROAIR AA-120 Ceiling Fan is 5 Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore for Different Home Styles, KDK ceiling fan for HDB flat, ceiling fan for 4 room

A relative newcomer to the electric fan industry, AEROAIR is another electric fan brand that’s homegrown right here in Singapore. Combining a wide range of innovative technologies and product design that’s centered on the Singaporean consumer, AEROAIR fans are slowly building a reputation for quality and convenience. This is especially clear in the AEROAIR AA-120 Ceiling Fan.

One of the best perks of the AEROAIR AA-120 Ceiling Fan is its super-bright 24W Tri-Color LED light that makes it a great lighting fixture in addition to bringing solid fan performance to your home. With Acrylic ABS blades for lightweight performance and increased energy efficiency as well as durability, this ceiling fan is a quality contender for one of the best ceiling fans you can buy today. Powered by a DC motor – more energy efficient and quieter than alternatives – this powerful ceiling fan is capable of up to 210 rpm.

Using the user-friendly remote control, owners of the AEROAIR AA-120 Ceiling Fan can enjoy convenient access to their ceiling fan that provides them with speed controls (up to six speeds) and multiple other functions including reverse, natural wind, and LED lighting control.

Which Brand of Ceiling Fan is Good?

Ceiling fans are a great, affordable way to add a little comfort and freshness to your home. Powerful yet energy-efficient, ceiling fans help keep your home a healthy, happy environment so you can work, play, study, and just do more without needing anything else. For whatever purpose and whatever budget, we’ve handpicked the best ceiling fans in Singapore for you. We hope you found what you were looking for right here with us.

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