Best Budget Laptops in Singapore 2023 for Students and Work

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Once upon a time, laptops were a luxury item.

To own one would probably cost you thousands of US dollars, even more. Luckily for us, that’s now all in the past.

In today’s world, the tech and gadget industry has made it surprisingly easier for everyone to get their hands on a decent laptop.

Laptop manufacturers are churning out decent laptops with good specs at prices that are easy on the wallet.

Get the best budget laptops in Singapore for as low as SGD$600! For SGD$800 to SGD$1000, you can get a full-size notebook that runs on Windows 10.

That will also have a processor that’s good enough to use it for work, school, and more.

It will all really depend on what you need out of your laptop and what you plan to do.

Think of it as a miss and match to achieve the best price while still getting the work done with your nicely budget laptop.

We’ve curated a list for you on what the best budget laptops are available in Singapore. Take a look at the choices below.

How do I choose a cheap laptop in Singapore?

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Things To Consider When Buying A Laptop – Cheap Laptops Singapore

Getting a new laptop, budget or not, is a big step to take, and it is not an easy decision to make.

Of course, you want the assurance of quality and a good laptop, right?

To make deciding on what to get easier, you need to know what factors to consider at least when buying a new laptop.

Here are a few things you can think about before getting one:

a. Purpose of Getting a Laptop

Is it for work? Is it for gaming? Is your new laptop going to be for video editing or is just the standard casual browsing laptop?

Do you plan on taking it everywhere with you or just leaving it at home?

Think of how you are planning to use your laptop to get the best one for your lifestyle.

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b. What’s Your Own Budget

Sure, you’re getting a cheap laptop, but even in the category of budget laptops, prices vary. Be realistic with the budget you set.

At SGD$500, you can’t precisely hope to get an exceptional laptop or gaming laptop.

There’s low-budget prices (best for students to do projects), then the high-budget for a more high-end one that has better features and specs (for graphic designs or gaming).

c. Screen Size and Resolution

Of course, we’ll ask you how big you want the screen of your laptop to be.

If you’re going to be using it for movies, videos, or video editing, a bigger display with a more excellent resolution would be a good fit.

Otherwise, a smaller screen size would be preferred by those who plan to take their laptop everywhere with them.

d. Graphics Card

If your laptop isn’t for gaming or video editing, you won’t be needing to focus too much on the graphics card. But if you are, opt for a dedicated graphics card.

There’s a lot of jargons when it comes to graphics card so make sure you do enough research to find the best one for you.

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e. Battery Life of Your Laptop

You might be on the go a lot and plugging your laptop in to charge might not be an option, so battery life matters.

Eight hours of battery life can last you one shift at work.

But if you’re sure your laptop will always have access to a power source, you might opt for decent battery life.

f. A Good Processor and RAM

A ridiculously fast laptop needs a good CPU/processor and a high RAM. A good processor would be the Intel 8th ones.

Meanwhile, Intel i3 and i5 can be usually found on budget laptops.

RAM will also matter, and a 4GB RAM is decent enough. If you want a faster laptop, look for those that have an i7 to i9 processor.

g. Does it Come with Warranty

Warranty is important. Some laptops have a one-year warranty, and others have a whopping 2-year warranty. Whatever it is, make sure your new laptop has a warranty guaranteed.

Repairing and fixing a laptop can be just as expensive as getting a new one, but with a warranty, repair jobs can be done for free, and will significantly be easier on you, financially.

12 Best Budget Laptops to Get in Singapore that are Cheap and Good

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can move on to the laptops itself.

Here are the 12 best budget laptops you can get in Singapore. Check them out below:

Top 12 Budget Laptops in Singapore for School & WorkBest Deal
Acer Swift 1 – 2021 Model$1,008.00
Lenovo Ideapad S130$899.00
Lenovo Yogabook$303.88
Asus Vivobook Flip$409.00
Huawei MateBook 13$826.00
Asus Zenbook 13 UX333$1,798.00
Apple MacBook Air (2020)$1,356.00
Dell G5 15 5590$1,281.04
Acer Chromebook 514$346.26
Acer Predator Helios 300$1,898.00
Microsoft Surface Go 2$618.00 – $1,364.00
Dell Inspiron$799.00
Which laptop Under $500 is best to buy in Singapore?

1. Acer Swift 1 – 2021 Model

What is the cheapest laptop in Singapore?, Acer Swift 1 - 2022 Model is best cheapest laptop to buy in Singapore, What is the best cheapest laptop to buy?, What is the cheapest laptop under $500?, The best cheap laptop deals Singapore, Cheap laptop for sale Singapore

Acer Swift 1 – 2021 Model – Budget Laptops Singapore



Intel Celeron N6000






256GB PCle SSD


1.3 KG

Acer is a powerhouse of a company in the tech industry. It is known to have a wide range of laptops available, from the budget-friendly to the high-end models.

One thing is for sure with Acer; you always get your value for money.

Take the Acer Swift 1, for example, a fantastic laptop for the average user and person. The specs are pretty decent, but the low price that it has gives it the appeal it needs.

It’s portable at just 1.3 kilos, and the 14-inch HD display makes it great for watching videos or movies. All in all, for day-to-day usage, it’s a pretty good laptop.

User Review

Not bad. Fast delivery. Comes with voice recognition setup. Very lightweight and nice colour!

reevesim84 on Shopee

Get it at

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2. Lenovo Ideapad S130

Where can I buy cheap laptop in Singapore? best laptop deals, Lenovo Ideapad S130 is 10 Cheap Laptops For Under $1199 To Buy On A Tight Budget

Lenovo Ideapad S130 – Budget Laptops Singapore



AMD 3020e Processor (2C / 2T, 1.2 / 2.6GHz, 1MB L2 / 4MB L3)


15.6″ FHD (1920×1080) TN 220nits Anti-glare


4GB Soldered DDR4-2400


128GB eMMC 5.1


1.15 KG

All around the world, Lenovo has become a trusted brand, especially when it comes to laptops. A lot of customers who opt to get Lenovo laptops are businesses that seek high-quality and reliable functioning laptops.

That’s a given since the laptops will be used for day-to-day operations. Of course, their budget laptops are just as great and are a steal for those looking for exactly that.

The Lenovo Ideapad S130 is one of the best budget laptops you can find out there if you plan to use it for daily tasks or office work. It can manage all that just fine.

One thing we do love about it is that being a full-fledged laptop, it’s one of the lightest ones at this price point — a definite yes from us.

User Review

Item came as described. It is well-packed and taped securely. Shipping took some time but it is acceptable. Otherwise, do consider the seller for future buys. Appreciate it! Thank you.

j*w on Shopee

Get it at

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3. Lenovo Yogabook – Best for Drawing

best laptop deals today

Lenovo Yogabook – Budget Laptops Singapore



Intel Atom x5-Z8550


10.1” IPS LED LCD Touch






0.69 KG

Another one from Lenovo, the Lenovo Yogabook will surely make your heart flutter with its sleek design. It’s what stands out and catches attention.

The Lenovo Yogabook is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet that is best for digital artist on a budget because it is lightweight and allow you to bring it anywhere.

You can convert it from one to the other and is a touchscreen lover’s dream. Take note though that the processor and RAM might not be up for doing taxing tasks.

But for that taking around, writing notes, and doing office tasks, the Lenovo Yogabook is a good bet.

User Review

Fast shipment nicely packed. will buy again commanded

– j*v on Shopee

Get it at

4. Asus Vivobook Flip – Best for Student School Work

best budget laptops under 500

Asus Vivobook Flip – Budget Laptops Singapore



Intel Core m3-7Y30


14” full HD Touch Display




128GB eMMC


1.5 KG

A Taiwanese brand, Asus has grown rapidly to become a force to be reckoned with. They’ve got top-end gaming laptops to ultrabooks that perform strongly.

For budget yet good performance, you’ll want to know more about their Vivobook. Specifically, the Vivobook Flip.

Another tablet to laptop convertible, this slim and sleek piece of work offers good performance at a wonderfully reasonable price.

It is quite heavy for a convertible, weighing 1.5kg and the processor, compared to other laptops, might be a bit weak.

However, it still performs competently doing demanding tasks. Touch screen functionality though is excellent.

Get it at

5. Huawei MateBook 13

best laptops

Huawei MateBook 13 – Budget Laptops Singapore



Intel Core i5 – i7 Processor


13” 1440p




256GB – 512GB SSD


1.3 KG

Relatively new to the laptop scene, Huawei still hits it out of the ballpark with its laptops.

One excellent example of this is Huawei’s MateBook 13.

What are some of the things we love on the Matebook 13?

The Nvidia MX150 graphics card and the lightweight design to it.

You might think that this laptop will cost you a fortune. Still, it shies away from the top-end line of the brand.

It settles nicely in the budget category, specifically the top-end of the budget category. Yes, you definitely get value-for-money with this one.

Get it at

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6. Asus Zenbook 13 UX333 – Lightweight Laptop

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Asus Zenbook 13 UX333 – Budget Lightweight Laptops Singapore



Intel Core i5 Processor


13” FHD Display


Up to 16 GB


Up to 1 TB SSD


1.09 KG

The newest ZenBook from Asus, the ZenBook 13, is a beauty. Design-wise, the all-metal chassis that is has pairs nicely with how sleek it looks.

It’s also very light, weighing a mere one kilogram, making it easier to lug around with you.

This lightweight laptop does run on an i5 processor but just because it doesn’t have the latest hardware doesn’t mean it lags. It does pretty well for basic functions and is a great steal for the price that it sells.

The battery life it has is also something to boast about. 

Get it at

7. Apple MacBook Air (2020)

best laptop deals today

Apple MacBook Air (2020) – Budget Laptops Singapore



Intel Core i3 – i7 Processor


13.3” FHD Display


8 GB – 16 GB


256 GB – 1 TB SSD


1.27 KG

Apple’s MacBook Air 2020 joins the list, a refreshed and improved version of the past model.

One thing they’ve worked on is making it the most affordable MacBook out there.

The price doesn’t sacrifice performance as this laptop does very well, a powerful laptop at a price that definitely feels right.

Get it at

8. Dell G5 15 5590 – Budget Gaming Laptop

Dell G5 15 5590 is best budget laptops under 500 in Singapore,Which laptop brand is best?

Dell G5 15 5590 – Budget Laptops Singapore



Intel Core i7


15.6” FHD


8 GB – 16 GB


128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD – 1 TB SSD


2.6 KG

For gamers on a tight budget, welcome to Dell’s G5 15 5590, heralded as a fantastic gaming laptop for those who don’t want to splurge on ultra-expensive ones.

For a gaming laptop, it doesn’t have the highest specs out there, but good battery life and a stellar 1080p gaming is good enough.

This laptop has an Intel Core i7-8750H processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics, which make it perfect for those who are looking to play the latest games on high settings.

Moreover, the Dell G5 15 5590 comes with 16GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive, so you’ll have plenty of space to store your photos, videos, and music files.

The only downside may be its battery life; although it’s rated at up to 3 hours gameplay on medium settings or 8 hours on low settings, realistically most users will need to bring their charger with them when they are using it.

Also, Dell allows you to configure this laptop according to your needs and budgets, which we find pretty cool and considerate.

Get it at

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9. Acer Chromebook 514

Acer Chromebook 514 best laptops, What is the cheapest good laptop?,What is the best laptop under $500?,Where can I buy cheap laptops in Singapore?

Acer Chromebook 514 – Budget Laptops Singapore



 Intel Pentium N4200 processor


12.7” FHD


8 GB


64 GB eMMC


1.5 KG

Chromebooks are all the rage today, and Acer gives us the best budget Chromebook in the Acer Chromebook 514.

Things we love include the 1080 p display, the amount of memory we get and a fast intel processor that does a good job at keeping up with our tasks.

It’s really portable, and the battery life makes it a great Chromebook to bring around or travel with. 

Chromebooks are a new entry to the market but are slowly gaining traction.

Get it at

10. Acer Predator Helios 300

best laptop deals, Acer Predator Helios 300 is a good cheap laptop for school, The Best Budget Laptops for this year

Acer Predator Helios 300 – Budget Laptops Singapore



Intel Core i7


15.6” FHD






2.7 KG

Another gaming rig, this time from Acer, the Acer Predator Helios 300 wraps up our list nicely.

Some people are still amazed that this impressive and sophisticated laptop comes in at the price that it is offered.

For a gaming laptop, it’s considered pretty budget-friendly, though more on the mid to high range of budget-friendly.

That’s one of the reasons it just barely makes it onto our list. The refresh rate is excellent, while the keyboard and touchpad make for an awesome gaming experience.

Get it at

11. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2 is top 12 Cheap Laptops For Under $1199 To Buy On A Tight Budget, 10 Cheapest Laptops in Singapore under $500, 5 high performance yet affordable laptops, Laptops Price List in Singapore

Microsoft Surface Go 2 – Budget Laptops Singapore

Aside from the well-known essential tool for all students and workers, Microsoft also has a set of gadgets that are as helpful as their Microsoft Office.

Considering the documents, spreadsheets or powerpoints you need, buying a Microsoft laptop would be a great choice. One good example is the Microsoft Surface Go 2.

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a go-to laptop for everyone, especially for students. With a bigger 10.5 inches touchscreen, tasks done will be simpler than ever.

The laptop also features a longer battery life span, so you can use it for full work or school hours.

This is portable and convenient to use since you can easily carry it around anywhere or flip it to use as a tablet if you like. 

Get it at

12. Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron is top 12 Cheap Laptops For Under $1199 To Buy On A Tight Budget, 10 Cheapest Laptops in Singapore under $500, 5 high performance yet affordable laptops, Laptops Price List in Singapore, Which laptop is affordable for students?,
Which laptop should I buy as a student?, budget laptop singapore, Which laptop is best in low budget?, What laptop should I buy in Singapore?, best budget laptops under $500 singapore, best laptop singapore 2022, laptop comparison singapore, student laptop deals singapore, best windows laptop 2022 singapore, cheap laptop singapore for students,

Dell Inspiron – Budget Laptops Singapore

Dell has been around for many years, and there is no doubt that many trust this brand for their personal or desktop computers.

This American multinational computer technology company never misses out on innovations, especially in laptops.

Dell Inspiron is their entry for the budget laptops you can find. This 14.0-inch HD laptop has an anti-glare  LED-backlit non-touch display and an i3-1005G1 processor.

Weighing 1.66kg, you can definitely carry this anywhere without a hassle.

Get it at

Is it cheaper to buy laptops in Singapore?

cheap laptop for students, Is it cheaper to buy laptops in Singapore?,What is the best cheapest laptop for students?
The best student laptops available now, good for project work and study surf net, What is a good cheap laptop for school?,What is the cheapest but good laptop?
Are laptops cheaper in Singapore?

While Singapore isn’t the most expensive place in Asia to buy a laptop, it’s also not the cheapest.

In South East Asia, Singapore is a little more expensive than countries like Thailand and Malaysia.

If you want to save a bit of money, you can look over the Straits of Johor for cheaper alternatives in Malaysia, but the cheapest place in SEA to buy a laptop is in Bangkok.

Which is the No 1 laptop brand in the world?

When it comes to laptops, the competition is killer and cutthroat. Companies are always trying to one-up each other by releasing all kinds of high-end tech.

Right now, according to 2021 brand ratings on ICTbuz, the best laptop brand in the world is Apple, namely their iconic MacBook and its variants. Close behind, you’ll find companies like HP, Asus, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and more.

Here’s their Top 20:
1. Apple Inc.
2. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
3. Asus
4. Dell
5. Acer
6. Lenovo
7. Samsung
8. Sony
9. Microsoft
10. Toshiba
11. LG
12. MSI
13. Huawei
15. Razer
16. Xiaomi
17. i-Life Digital
18. Cyberpower PC
20. Chuwi

Is i7 better than i5 laptop?

Best Budget Laptops Singapore, cheapest laptop to buy in Singapore, What is the best cheapest laptop to buy?, What is the cheapest laptop under $500?, The best cheap laptop deals Singapore, Cheap laptop for sale Singapore, Cheap laptop for students, Where to buy cheap laptop, Cheap laptop Singapore,

When it comes to processors, the Intel Core i7 is easily superior – it’s faster, can reach higher clock speeds, and offers more power and performance for the price – but if you’re looking at a laptop configuration, once thing to consider is thermal management.

If your laptop has good thermals, then an Intel Core i7 is the clear choice. Otherwise, an Intel Core i5 will give you plenty of performance without melting your computer.

Which low budget laptop is best in Singapore?

If you’re looking for a low-cost yet capable laptop, then the best option might be to buy a used one.

Used laptops usually come with lower prices and may be in better condition than some new ones.

You can also find good deals on refurbished laptops from different sellers in Sim Lim Square.

Do always keep in mind that not all used laptops are equal; make sure to do your research before making a purchase so that you get the best deal possible.

Furthermore, it is important to always protect your laptop by using a laptop sleeve and getting preventive maintenance like backups and software updates installed regularly.

How many years a laptop should last?

A laptop should typically last between 3-5 years depending on the quality and how it is used and maintained.

Typically, the more care taken with the laptop, the longer it will last.

Laptops with a good build quality and strong processors can withstand more wear and tear and last even longer.

Taking good care of the laptop by cleaning the fan and vents regularly, avoiding overcharging and ensuring the laptop is cooled properly during use can add years of life to the laptop.

Are cheap laptops worth it?

As the cost of technology continues to rise, users must weigh the pros and cons of investing in a cheaper laptop.

On one hand, a cheaper laptop will not have the same power and features as a more expensive device; however, it can still be a worthwhile purchase for someone who just needs basic features for casual school or work use.

It is important to examine the laptop’s specifications such as RAM, processor and disc space to make sure it will be suitable for a person’s needs.

A cheap laptop can also be more economical in terms of power consumption, meaning it will cost less to run.

Moreover, many budget laptops also come with useful software pre-loaded, making them easier and faster to get up and running.

Thus, while a cheap laptop may not be the best choice for a heavy user or power user, it can still be an affordable and functional choice for casual study and work purposes.

Best Budget Laptops Under $500

Best Cheap Laptops in SingaporeWhy we like it?Best Deal
HP Stream 11.6-inch HD LaptopLong Battery Life$324.05
Acer Chromebook CB311-9HT-C888Good for students$448.00
Lenovo YogabookBest for Drawing$403.88
Acer Swift 12021 Model$548.00
Lenovo Ideapad S130Durable & Ultra Slim$799.00
Acer Aspire 3Perfect Laptop for Students$598.00
Asus Vivobook FlipBest for Student School Work$699.00
Huawei MateBook 13Looks like Macbook Pro$748.00
Acer Chromebook 514Stylish and Tough$346.26
HP STREAM 11 PRO G2Good for students$296.58
2019 Lenovo Chromebook S330Comfortable Tying on Keyboard$372.19
Dell Inspiron 3493Good for students$799.00
Best laptops under $500 that you can buy

Not all laptops are made equal. But this is actually an advantage for us as it gives us the opportunity to look around for a laptop that truly suits our needs.

When looking for a laptop, remember to look for one that gives you the most benefits.

Style and look will be impressive, sure, and sometimes it’s nice to tote around a laptop that others will envy, but at the end of the day, functionality matters.

Along with that, the budget does too. Don’t go overboard.

What’s the use of getting an expensive over the top laptop if all you’re going to use it for is to write tasks and browse?

We hope this article has helped our readers!

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