Best Bread Toasters in Singapore 2022

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Nothing beats a good breakfast with a perfect toast of slice bread, especially a homemade bread. A toasted bread gives it a sweeter taste and crunchier texture. To achieve a desirable toast, one must invest in a good and reliable bread toaster. In this article, we will feature the Best Bread Toasters in Singapore today.

A bread toaster is designed to heat the size of a slice bread for the right amount of time to achieve a slight toast. With a wide range of modern kitchen appliances, bread toasters are one of those invented to prepare a faster and tastier breakfast.

Why Buy a Bread Toaster?

Well, a bread toaster makes our bread tasty and crunchy. And that’s why we love our traditional kaya butter toast. A perfect toast is a brown bread with insides that remains soft while the outside is a bit charred, which creates a crispy texture. The first pop-up toasters appeared in the market in 1921 and was introduced by Charles Strite.

Many toasters today can accommodate different sizes of bread. Toasters can now be programmed to toast bagels, English muffins, waffles and even frozen pastries. Other toasters also have options to do one-sided toasting. Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve a yummy and hearty Yakun style bread toast at home.

Top 10 Bread Toasters in Singapore

10 Best  Bread Toasters in SingaporeBest Deal
PowerPac PPT02 Pop-up Toaster$17.90
Philips HD2582 Daily Toaster$38.00
Odette T366AC Pastel Slice Bread Toaster $25.90
Tefal Toast N’ Egg Toaster $69.90
Smeg TSF01 Bread Toaster$238.00
De’Longhi CTOV2103.BK Icona Vintage 2 Slice Toaster$149.00
Cornell CT-E48C Pop-up Toaster$49.90
Kenwood TTP210 4 Slice Toaster$109.00
KitchenAid Empire Red 2-Slice Toaster $169.00
Morphy Richards 240006 Aspect Titanium with Wood Toaster$99.00
Which brand is the best bread toaster in Singapore?

1. PowerPac PPT02 Pop-up Toaster

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Get your breakfast at a press of a button with this pop-up toaster from PowerPac. This is perfect for your favorite thick cut bread like toastbox that you can toast using a one-time stop button. It has seven different browning or toasting options for you to play.

You can now make your toast exactly the way you want it with this convenient toast shade knob. For convenience. there is a bottom tray that lets you clean breadcrumbs easily and without hassle. Morning Breadfast is definitely made easy with this pop-up toaster from PowerPac. Power lah. A cord wrap also helps you manage unsightly power cords when not in use.

Get it at

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2. Philips HD2582 Daily Toaster

what is the best toaster on the market, Philips HD2582 Daily Toaster is Best toasters: top 10 2-slice and 4-slice toasters, Which brand toaster is the best?,What are the 10 best toasters?,Which Singapore toaster is best?, best toaster 4-slice,best toaster for sourdough bread,best toaster under $50,best toaster for crumpets,best toaster for frozen waffles,best toaster for gluten-free bread, What is the best toaster to buy 2022?, best toaster Singapore 2022,

This toaster allows you to toast different types of bread by adjusting its eight different browning settings. It also has two large slots for different sizes of bread. The self-centering feature keeps the bread at the center to get even browning on both sides.

An integrated burn rack is also included to warm your favorite pastry buns and roll easily. A reheat function helps warm the toast in seconds and a defrost function helps toast frozen bread without inconvenience.

This toaster also include a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning and a high lift feature to easily remove small pieces of bread.

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3. Odette T366AC Pastel Slice Bread Toaster

which toaster is best, Odette T366AC Pastel Slice Bread Toaster is The Best Toasters of 2022, Best Toasters and Toaster Ovens Under $50, What is the most reliable toaster?,Which toaster lasts the longest?,What is a good 4 slice toaster?,How much should you pay for a toaster?,

This simple two-slice toaster is designed for easy living. It has a slide out crumb tray for quick and easy cleaning. A high lift is featured so that you will not get hurt from grabbing your freshly toasted bread without cancelling the toasting process. It is also useful in getting small pieces of bread stuck inside the toaster.

A special toaster lid cover is also included to keep the dust out when the toaster is not in use. This stylish, pastel colored toaster has six electronic browning control with cancel button. The center function helps keep the bread in place for even toasting. This toaster is available in pastel pink and blue colors.

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4. Tefal Toast N’ Egg Toaster

Best toaster 2020

Make your breakfast the fastest way possible with Tefal Toast N’ Egg Toaster. You can use the toaster for simply just for the toast, the egg on its own or have them both for just 4 minutes. It can also be used to prepare a hard boiled or even poached egg using the steamer tray.

The wide toasting slots is ideal for sliced bread, bagels or muffins. You can also use the warming tray included to heat leftover or pre-cooked meals. A crumb tray is included for easy cleaning and a high lift function that allows toasts to be easily removed. This innovative bread toaster brings a modern designed toaster with powerful features.

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5. Smeg TSF01 Bread Toaster

Best toaster consumer reports

Add a bit of a nostalgic character in your kitchen with this retro inspired two extra wide slot bread toaster. It has cancel, bagel and defrost function and a six level browning settings. A lower setting can be set to get a lighter toast and higher setting for a darker toast that will surely accommodate almost everyone’s taste in the household.

It can evenly toast all types bread. This toaster comes with a removable slide out crumb tray in the rear which collects crumbs and makes it easy to clean. The lever can be lifted higher when toasting process is finished to make small slices easier to reach.

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6. De’Longhi CTOV2103.BK Icona Vintage 2 Slice Toaster

best toaster 2020

This retro inspired azure blue bread toaster has an extra lift position to easily remove hot, and small sized of bread. A six-level progressive browning controls lets you achieve your preferred toast of bread. The toasting can be interrupted at any time by pressing the stop/cancel button. It is not advisable to lift the lever to cancel the toasting process.

A defrost function lets you easily enjoy your frozen bread while reheat function is also included for warming up bread/toast that have gone cold. A bagel function allows toasting of bagels and muffins on one side only, while the other side remains warm.

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7. KitchenAid Empire Red 2-Slice Toaster

Best toaster consumer reports

This KitchenAid Toaster offers ease of use and exceptional control. It can toast your favorite slice bread and bagels easily by inserting it in the toast slots and set a desired browning shade. A defrost option lets you insert frozen bread before toasting them.

If something is keeping you busy before fully focusing on your breakfast, a keep warm option is also included to make sure that your toast is warm 3-minute after toasting. The Lift & See feature lets you check the toasting progress without cancelling the toasting cycle. The crumb tray can be easily removed and cleaned to maintain a fully functioning bread toaster.

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8. Kenwood TTP210 4 Slice Toaster

which toaster is best

This compact, all-white toaster has an extra wide slots designed to fit different sizes of bread and have it toasted and ready in just two or three minutes. Its simple aesthetic gives you a variable browning control, cancel, reheat and defrost settings.

A peak and view function allows you to check and see your bread toasting without cancelling the whole toasting process. This 4-slice toaster gives you an even toast, is a good value for money and has a remarkable quality. Given that it is a 4-slice toaster the design is not bulky and does not take up too much of storage space.

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9. Cornell CT-E48C Pop-up Toaster

what is the best toaster on the market

This 4-slice pop up toaster from Cornell will give you crispy, brown toasts every morning. It has an adjustable browning control with a reheat, defrost and cancel button. Even frozen waffles and pancakes can be warm and have a golden finish using the defrost option. A removable crumb tray makes it easier to clean and look neat.

This bread toaster contains a slide out crumb tray that makes cleaning the toaster much easier. Its extra wide slots can fit different types of pastry from slice bread, bagels and muffins. An automatic shut off is featured at the end of a toasting cycle even if a food gets jammed to avoid overheating and accidental fire breakouts.

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10. Morphy Richards 240006 Aspect Titanium with Wood Toaster

This Scandinavian style toaster combines quality and craftsmanship. It fits 2 to 4 slices of bread which you can check during the toasting process with its sneak peak feature. An auto high lift function is added so that you can easily remove your toast when it is ready. The removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean the toaster.

The cancel dial lets you stop the toasting process anytime, meanwhile a variable browning control allows you to choose your desired browning level. It can also allow you to reheat or defrost your toast. The width slot can also be adjusted so that it is easier to get the evenly perfect toast whether it is thin or thick sliced.

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Can you put frozen bread in a toaster?

What you didn't know about freezing bread
What you didn’t know about freezing bread

Yes, you can put frozen bread in a toaster. There is no need to defrost or thaw frozen bread prior to putting it into the toaster. Freezing your bread makes it last longer. When freezing bread, make sure it’s cool or at room temperature. Avoid putting freshly baked bread in the freezer. Wrap the bread slices in plastic wrap and put them in a resealable bag, and then squeeze out the excess air before putting the bag in the freezer.

Is it bad to toast frozen bread?

No, there is no danger in toasting frozen bread. You can put frozen bread in the toaster and heat it up without causing any damage at all to your toaster. The bread will just take a little more time to toast to your liking. The only downside is that frozen bread may take up to two minutes more to toast. However, this is not really a big deal for many people.

Why is frozen bread better for us?

Frozen bread is better than just plain white bread straight from the bakery or supermarket because it has a lower glycaemic index, or GI. A high GI can cause a spike in our sugar and insulin levels, which can leave us hungry and tired. When you freeze white bread and then toast it, its glycemic index falls by 39 percent. However, if you have irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, eating frozen bread may make your symptoms worse (more Laosai), so it’s best to avoid it.

How long do you put bread in a toaster?

How long does a pop up toaster take? it takes 1 to 4 minutes for a pop-up toaster
How long does a pop up toaster take? A good toast takes 1 to 4 minutes for a pop-up toaster!

How long you put bread in a toaster would depend on how toasted or golden brown you want your bread to be. Some people prefer their bread to be just warmed in a toaster but not totally crisp, while others prefer their toast to have a real crunch to it. On average, it takes about three and a half minutes to turn a piece of white sliced bread into a golden brown toast.

How does a bread toaster work?

A traditional vertical bread toaster has rows of wires facing the bread. When you place the bread in the slots of the toaster and lower the lever, this activates a resistor. The resistor converts the electric current intro infrared radiation, which heats the wires. The wires reach a high temperature, which then removes moisture from the bread and toasts it, giving it a bolden brown colour.

Where to Buy Bread Toaster in Singapore

Bread toasters are inevitably one of modern technology greatest gift. It helps us achieve a proper breakfast that could help us get through the day. In choosing a good bread toaster one must take note of the getting an accurate and precise settings. This is important so that it can deliver the exact type of browning that you want.

A toaster with a wide slot size lets you heat different pastry types and bread sizes so that you can have a variety every other time. An easy to clean toaster is also important so that you will not get the hassle of smelling something burnt. It also helps to avoid repairs and make it more useful for a long period of time.

Last but not the least, get a bread toaster that matcher or complements your kitchen design or your personality. Functionality may be the first on your list but a toaster that goes well with your surroundings makes making toast more fun and exciting. Turn something as ordinary as a piece of bread into a toasted, crunchy treat with these high quality bread toasters.

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