Best Blood Pressure Monitors in Singapore 2021

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In this article, we are going to take a look at the best blood pressure monitors in Singapore, its features and see which one is right for you. They are great to have around your home or office in order to monitor and manage your cardiovascular condition towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Blood Pressure Monitors has been around for quite some time. It is regarded as one of the most useful medical instruments made. Everyone can remember this type of device being strapped upon their arms by their nurse and then writing whatever it indicates down on their notebook or record sheets.

In the early days, these blood pressure monitors are only accessible around your nearest hospital or clinics and they are usually analog and are not yet equipped with smart digital features.

But nowadays, most of the newest blood pressure monitors are digitized and coupled with electronic features that makes measurement much easier and more accurate. Another benefit is that you can purchase one for personal use at home if there are elderly members.

Why use Blood Pressure Monitor?

best blood pressure monitor singapore

What is a blood pressure monitor? From the name itself, a blood pressure monitor is a device that is used to measure blood pressure. It is primarily composed of an inflatable cuff that can collapse and release the artery under the cuff in a controlled manner. A small display or mechanical nanometer is used to measure the pressure. Blood pressure monitors are also known as Sphygmomanometer (quite a long name).

Now, the question is, where can we get a blood pressure monitor? Surely, there are many ways for you to buy one. A good solution is to go to your nearby appliance shop or medical store and purchase from their good selection of blood pressure monitors. Although it may be a good thing, it does have some shortcomings like you still have to make an effort to go outside of your home.

Buying one online through e-commerce shops is the trend these days. Awesome online platforms include Amazon, Shopee and Lazada Singapore that offer a great selection of blood pressure monitor devices that are easy to use and reliable. Plus, you don’t need to get out of the house, simply click to order and have it delivered right at your doorstep the next day. Amazing.

10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors in Singapore

So, without further ado, here are the best blood pressure monitors that you can find online in Singapore. Do take note that most of these are electronic devices which is great. Let’s take a look.

1. Rossmax CF155 Blood Pressure Monitor – This is Amazon Singapore’s Choice

The Rossmax is one of the most well-known brand of blood pressure monitors. Right now, it is Amazon’s Choice for blood pressure monitor. This one has some good amount features that are worth looking at.

On the physical design, the Rossmax CF155 looks small and compact in size with a big button and screen right on the front. This a good choice for portability.

Rossmax CF155 Blood Pressure Monitor

Get it at

On the internal features however, it is capable of movement, hypertension risk and IHB (Irregular Heartbeat Detection) detections which are good enough. This particular model is capable of storing 90 memories and an average of last 3 readings.

Also, checkout the Rossmax MW701, Rossmax AC701, Rossmax AU941 Blood Pressure Monitors. These three of these have similar features to the CF155 except that they have different physical designs with the MW701, AC701, and AU941 sporting a much bigger XL digits and screen.

Rossmax MW701

Unlike the CF155, these three can support up to 120 memories and an average of last 3 readings. The Rossmax AU941 has additional measures such as Hypertension Risk Indication (HRI) and Real Fuzzy Technology. The Rossmax AU941 features more buttons on its surface than the other three Rossmax brand blood pressure monitors.

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2. Rossmax MW701 Blood Pressure Monitor

Another version from Rossmax.

Rossmax MW701

Get it at

3. Rossmax AC701 Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax AC701

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4. Rossmax AU941 Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax AU941

Get it at

5. SUHAPPY DAYSAIRY Blood Pressure Monitor

This is another blood pressure monitor that has a good number of features to take a look at. From the physical design itself, it looks quite similar to the previous one. Aside from monitoring your blood pressure, the SUHAPPY DAYSAIRY is capable of voice broadcasting the result. The screen is also backlit in many colors such as green, yellow or red. A simple, yet effective blood pressure monitors to have.

SUHAPPY DAYSAIRY Blood Pressure Monitor

Get it at

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6. Omron Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is another well-known brand for medical supplies like a blood pressure monitor. Although the Omron Basic looks like a simple device, it has some very powerful internal features. It is equipped with Intellisense Technology which ensures comfortable, fast and accurate readings.

Omron Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

What I really like about this blood pressure monitor is that it has a cuff wrapping guide to which the device will guide you on how to wrap the cuff. It has a last memory recall, a hypertension and body movement indicators.

The Omron Basic is powered by 4 ‘AA’ batteries. Overall, this is what I think is a good blood pressure monitor for the value.

Get it at

7. OMRON HEM-7600T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This one is another Omron device quite similar to the Omron Basic in terms of features. However, in terms of the physical design of the kit, it is more compact in size due to the cuff and the device combined into one.

Like the Omron Basic, it is equipped with the Intellisense Technology and has the other features.

Omron Basic Blood Pressure Monitor is the Best Blood Pressure Monitor & Checker in Singapore

In addition to the features, it is now capable of smart connection through your smartphone using the Omron Connect app. The app will contain all the information including displaying data in graph form, reminders and measurement and data storing. Overall, another great blood pressure monitor for the value.

Get it at

8. MOCACuff Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

The MOCACuff Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is easily the smallest here on this list. It is almost identical to a smartwatch in terms of physical design. It has a large display screen and a single button on the surface.

This particular device boasts several good features that are worth looking at. First of all, it is easy to wear, simply wrap it on your wrists and the device will measure your heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The MOCACuff Smart Blood Pressure Monitor has its own downloadable app for smartphones called the MOCACARE App. The app is capable of syncing your blood pressure measurements to your phones and receive curated health recommendations.

MOCACuff Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
Price: S$70.07

The smart blood pressure monitor is FDA-cleared and CE-certified. It comes in a good package that includes a sleek carrying case for convenience and portability.

Get it at

9. LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor

LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor

This one is quite similar to the wrist-type of blood pressure monitors. This is one of the most popular devices on this list as it is recommended by medical professionals (It is CE marked and FDA approved).

In terms of features overall, it is easy to use due to its one button operation. The measurements are accurate and fast (hence FDA approved). For memory, it is capable for up to 180 sets and up to two users.

Its physical design is quite compact, although not as small as the MOCACuff Smart Blood Pressure Monitor but close enough. This is one is great to consider.

Get it at

10. CK-W133 Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

CK-W133 Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This one is a great device that is capable of monitoring your blood pressure while maintaining a proper small yet compact design. It is quick, accurate and easy to use. It can contain up to 90 set of data memory which is more than enough. So, if you are looking for a blood pressure monitor that can fit inside your bag, this is the one for you.

Get it at

Where can I buy blood pressure monitor in Singapore?

So that’s about it! Those are the best blood pressure monitors that you can buy in Singapore. Overall, if you have bought any of these, it is best used from time to time as it helps you and your family maintain a healthy and balance lifestyle. Well, aerobic exercises will help to lower your blood pressure.

Plus, it is a great help for you, and your doctor if you are tracking your blood pressure as you heal at home. If you have one of these already, please let me know what your experience is and how it was able to help you and your family towards a better lifestyle.

You may also share your advices and suggestions in utilizing these blood pressure monitors to its amazing potential.

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