Best Bird Nest Brands in Singapore 2021

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Bird nest is a superfood that’s beneficial for almost all ages so there’s no doubt why it’s gaining popularity to most people these days. And there are so many online sellers who offer different brands of bird nest for you. There are some who offer different varieties of bird’s nest drinks, while some also offer other health and beauty supplements.

With the never ending list of bird’s nest brands, how do you choose one for? In this article, we’ll enumerate the top 10 best bird nest brands in Singapore.

Why is bird nest beneficial for your health?

Produced from swiftlets’ saliva, bird’s nest is a popular tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. This drink is beneficial for children, women and men, and even for the elderlies. Before jumping to the different bird nest brands, let’s discuss some of the benefits of drinking bird nest for your health first.

Bird nests contain protein, amino acids and essential minerals needed for an improved overall health. Also, it contains neutral energetic properties that’s perfect for those who currently have a weak immune system especially the elderlies. By drinking bird nest extracts regularly, you can notice a significant change in your overall immunity.

Aside from the immunity benefits, bird nests are also good for nourishing your skin and improving your complexion for a more youthful glow which makes it a good beauty food for women.  If you’re looking for a natural skin care regimen, a bird nest is a good option. And there are a wide range of bird nest drink varieties depending on your skin needs.

For children, bird nests can help improve their intellectual capacity since they contain Neuraminidase which is essential for children’s growth. This superfood also contains a high level of calcium which can contribute to a child’s bone development.

There are so much more than these benefits a bird nest can offer. And you don’t want to miss this opportunity for a healthy life.

Top 10 Bird Nest Brands in Singapore For Ready To Drink Bird Nest

There are so many bird’s nest brands available in the market for you to choose from. But it’s difficult to pick which of them consist only of pure and all natural bird’s nests in each bottle. Some brands use chemicals and other elements to fill each bottle which can deprive you from obtaining the essential nutrients a bird nest drink should have.

If you’re looking for any ideas about the best brands of bird’s nest in Singapore, this article will surely help you out. For simplicity, we look at the bottled bird nests that are easy to consume.

Dragon Brand Bird’s Nest – Best Ready to Drink Bird’s Nest

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Some bird nest drinks consist of a limited amount of bird’s nest but this brand is one of the many which stands out from the market. Harvested from Indonesia, Dragon Brand manufactures pure bird’s nest in a bottle. This brand gives you a pure and genuine bird’s nest which just proves how well-created it is.

Feathers and other impurities are all removed manually by hand and you can ensure a natural quality since there are no chemicals added during the manufacturing process. We recommend taking it on an empty stomach to nourish your inner body.

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Pristine Farm Bird’s Nest

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Pristine Farm is also another option if you’re looking for fresh, pure bird’s nests. One of its unique offers is the freshly cooked bird’s nests that can be delivered right at your doorstep. In this way, you no longer need to take some time in boiling it and letting it stand until it’s warm.

Their best seller is the Pristine Farm Bottled Bird Nest Concentrate – Less Sugar.

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Brand’s Bird’s Nest

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If you’re looking for a bird’s nest drink that’s less sweet, Brand’s Bird’s Nest is best for you. Bird’s nest with too much sugar can drastically decrease the quality of nutrition it can give you. With this brand, you can guarantee both a good taste of bird’s nest and a pack of essential nutrients.

Also, Brand’s has a good reputation in Singapore when it comes to producing bird’s nest drinks because of its seven-step process. This ensures you’ll get a high quality bird’s nest in every sip. This brand has a lot to offer. They have other supplements available for different ages.

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New Moon’s Bird’s Nest

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Another brand that stands out from the crowd is the New Moon’s Bird’s Nest. What’s unique about this brand is that they gather high quality bird’s nests only from caves. And because it’s rare and hard to find, this one costs higher compared to other brands.

New Moon’s Bird’s Nest also contains amino acids that can contribute to skin regeneration. But aside from the essential nutrients that can be found in this brand, it also flaunts its traditional cooking process that provides good flavor and aroma to the bird’s nest.

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Eu Yan Sang

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Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest is specialized and tailored to brighten up your skin. It contains a good quality of collagen and pearl powder that contribute to detoxification, reduced inflammation and whiter skin.

Also, collagen is essential for skin regeneration that results in a youthful glow. Indeed, this brand is a good addition to your beauty regimen. Plus, it’s a tasty drink! It has 25% less sugar so you don’t have to worry about drinking too much sweets with this product.

This is one of the top of the line brands when it comes to bird’s nests.

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Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest

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Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest is a brand that offers different varieties depending on your needs. They have a Chrysanthemum bird’s nest variant that’s great for improving your overall health. It contributes to your heart health, lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation.

On the other hand, Kinohimitsu also has a bird’s nest BB drink which is a good regimen for skin problems. This bird’s nest drink contains a variety of ingredients which can contribute to a healthier skin. This helps clear acne and oily skin, relieves skin dryness and minimizes pore appearance. Kinohimitsu also offers more variants and other products on their site.

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Happy Health Bird’s Nest

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Happy Health is a bird’s nest manufacturer based in Malaysia. They have their own nesting house where they breed swiftlets and process their bird’s nest.

This bird’s nest manufacturer offers so many variants where you can choose from. One of their most famous variants is the bird’s nest with white fungus, American ginseng and rock sugar. This is made from pure bird’s nest with the use of the latest technology to ensure its pure content extract and maintain its original taste.

Happy Health Bird’s Nest is ready to drink and suitable for all ages.

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Super Grade Brand Bird’s Nest

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Super Grade Brand Bird’s Nest is made from pure bird’s nest and processed using the latest technology. This brand uses high voltage vacuum sterilization to make sure it’s in a perfect edibility condition.

They offer both dry bird’s nest and bird’s nest drink of different variants. Also, their drinks are low in sugar but you can still ensure a flavorful taste since it contains genuine bird’s nest without any artificial flavoring.

Super Grade Brand has a wide range of products.

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Nano Japan

Nano Japan is 10 Best Bird's Nest in Singapore this year For Better Health & Skin

Nano Bird’s Nest is another perfect beauty regimen for those who want clearer and brighter skin. This brand contains glycoproteins, epidermal and fibroblast growth factors that are beneficial for skin cell and tissue repair.

Nano Japan uses bird’s nests from Genkai Island in Fukuoka, Japan which are harvested once a year and ensures they only extract pure and genuine bird’s nests. And one of the most interesting facts about Nano Bird’s Nest is that you can feel quick hydration in your skin in just five minutes.

This brand has a lot of products for different uses.

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Lennox Malaysia

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Lennox Malaysia is a manufacturer of different beauty and slimming products. Their bird’s nest drinks, which is one of their most popular products, are all made from superior grade genuine bird’s nests. Also, their drinks are suitable for all ages, even for children.

Lennox’ bird’s nest drink is rich in protein, collagen, and other essential nutrients and minerals. These elements help rejuvenate skin and restore smooth, radiant and youthful glow. If you’re looking for a bird’s nest to help you improve your complexion, this is one of your best options.

There’s a wide selection of products available online.

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Where to Buy Bird Nest in Singapore

The cost of these bird nest drinks can be pricey, but with all the benefits you can reap out of consuming them, it all makes sense. While there are so many health and beauty supplements available in the market, it’s still best to go for the natural ones to ensure you’ll reach optimal health without the need of consuming a lot of preservatives and chemicals.

Now that you have a list of best bird nest brands, it’s now time to try and check them out! If you’re torn among these brands, you can consider which benefit you’d like to obtain so you can pick the right brand for you.

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