Best Baby Wipes in Singapore 2021

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A baby’s skin is more sensitive than ours, which means, we cannot just use anything on their skin. After becoming parents, it becomes very important for us to ensure that we give only the best care to our little ones. We have to take care of every tiny thing, from the diapers we get for them to the baby wipes we use. Using tissue paper can be harsh on the baby’s soft and sensitive skin, so we need to take special care when choosing wipes.

There are so many types of varieties of baby wipes available in the market, giving us an enormous range of choices However, choosing from such a large variety can be disgruntling and confusing. Also, we can never be sure about the quality of the wipes we are choosing. So today, I have brought to you some of the best baby wipes in Singapore that you can easily trust. These wipes are super soft and gentle on your little one’s skin. You can check out all these wipes and choose them without any worry. Continue reading for some of the best baby wipes that you can get in Singapore!

Is it okay to use baby wipes on a newborn child?

Yes, using baby wipes on a newborn’s skin is considered to be completely safe. Even pediatricians believe that these wipes are extremely gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin and so, can be used without any worries. However, since the skin of every child is different, you need to still look out for any signs of rashes and irritation that might develop on your baby’s skin. Although these baby wipes are totally safe, discontinue use if there are any signs of redness, rashes, or irritation. If such irritation happens, simply use cotton pads soaked up in warm water to clean up your little one.

Top 8 Baby Wipes in Singapore

Jeju Wet Wipes Refill 80pcs x 20 Packs

Jeju Wet Wipes Refill 80pcs x 20 Packs is Top 8 Baby Wipes in Singapore

This baby wipes from Jeju are a perfect choice if you are looking for baby wipes for sensitive skin. The wipes are thick enough to wipe the baby’s bum and are gentle towards the skin. You can freely use these wipes for your baby’s bum as they are alcohol-free and are made with a pure water filtration process. In making these wipes, no harmful chemicals and toxic elements have been used keeping in mind the usage on delicate skin. Other than that, these are highly stretchable and tear-resistant. Get this pack of baby wipes right away to keep your baby’s skin clean and refreshed all the time.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for delicate and sensitive baby skin
  • Made with harmful chemical and fragrance
  • Water-based wipes
  • Good stretchability and cannot be torn easily

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Soonsu Story Korea Wet Wipe

Soonsu Story Korea Wet Wipe is Best Baby Wipes in Singapore

Maintain good sanitary hygiene for your baby with these water-based wipes. These wipes feel extremely soft on the baby’s skin and, with good capacity, cleans the area perfectly. To make sure that these are safe to use, these wipes have passed the hypoallergenic test. For gentle texture, no harsh substance has been used in them. Natural ingredients like aloe vera and olive leaf extracts are used to maintain moisture after wiping. Coconut oil has been used in these wipes to keep the skin moisturized and soft, preventing rashes and irritation.

Key Features:

  • Wipes made with the right water
  • Not allergic to skin and keeps the baby away from rashes and irritation
  • Aloe vera leaf, olive leaf, and coconut oil to keep the skin moisturized
  • Good capacity wipes

Pureen Fragrance Free Baby Wipes (100s)

Pureen Fragrance Free Baby Wipes (100s) is the Best Baby Wipes in Singapore for parents

Have a look at these extremely soft to touch and gentle wet wipes made with good quality thick cotton. These are highly effective in cleaning your baby’s soft skin without leaving any harmful effects. This one is a paraben and alcohol-free wipes that are great to use on a baby’s delicate skin as you cannot afford irritating skin. Wipes having chemical extracts and artificial fragrances mostly are allergic to skin, but these wipes are not the same. Rather, Pureen brand uses aloe vera that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps in soothing the skin for a longer time. Other than using them for babies, you can use these wipes for makeup removal or just wiping your own face.

Key Features:

  • Thick enough to soak the wetness and keeps the skin fresh
  • Aloe vera and Vitamin extracts keep the skin away from irritation
  • Multi-purpose wet wipes
  • Paraben and alcohol-free

Oldam 올담 Clean Hand Wipes

Oldam 올담 Clean Hand Wipes are the best wipes to use on newborns oldham wet wipes review

Baby’s skin is to be taken care of carefully, and to make that possible, here are the wet wipes from OLDAM that are famous for their affective qualities. First of all, these wipes are safe for a baby’s delicate skin as they are made without using chemicals like paraben, they have no fragrance, which causes irritation and not good to smell, no usage of alcohol, making it gentle towards the skin. Excluding all these, you get natural wet wipes for your baby. The fabric used in the wipes is tightly woven, which keeps the skin clean and smooth for a long time. These wipes have been made using moisturizing agents to benefit the skin.

Key Features:

  • Absolutely natural wet wipes
  • Thick fabric for better wiping and cleaning
  • Not scented
  • Moisturizes the skin after wiping

WaterWipes 20 Packs Infanity Thick Baby Wipes x 80Sheet

WaterWipes 20 Packs Infanity Thick Baby Wipes x 80Sheet is 8 best baby wet wipes in Singapore for this year

WaterWipes is a brand that offers you baby wipes mainly for newborn babies with highly sensitive skin. Wipes from this brand are known for their natural base. This brand uses only two ingredients to make the wipes that are pure water and fruit extract. As the name indicates, WaterWipes are water-based and are beneficial for babies with very sensitive skin. These are used when the baby suffers irritation and rashes in the bottom area to let the skin heal by itself. From the time of birth only, you can use these wipes.

Key Features:

  • Highly recommended for infants
  • Two ingredient wipes for a natural feel
  • Water and fruit extract only
  • Great for sensitive skin

20 Packs Infanity Thick Baby Wipes x 80Sheet

20 Packs Infanity Thick Baby Wipes x 80Sheet is best baby wipes for baby

These wipes from Infanity are suitable for a baby’s smooth and silky skin. They are mildly scented but do not affect the skin at all. Each wipe is designed with honeycomb to provide a proper cleaning. The material used in making these wipes is soft to the skin and does not harm the skin while wiping. These wipes have been restrained from alcohol and paraben in the process of making which can cause severe damage to delicate baby skin. To retain the moisture in the skin, elements like aloe vera and Vitamin E, which are known for their moisturizing and skin nourishing properties, are used.

Key Features:

  • Genuine ingredients keep the skin guarded against infections and allergies
  • Honeycomb design for appropriate cleaning
  • No use of alcohol and paraben
  • Has moisturizing and skin nourishing ability

Huggies Pure Clean Baby Wipes (12×64)

Huggies Pure Clean Baby Wipes (12x64) Is it good to use wet wipes

Huggies is a brand that is famous for baby products such as diapers, baby wipes, pants, etc. Baby wipes from this brand are highly efficient and are known for their cleaning ability. These wipes are made with good quality soft fabric that cleans much better than any other wipes. These are absolutely safe to use on a baby’s skin as no synthetic material has been used in them. These are made with 100 percent water which has gone through a filtration process 8 times to provide the best for your child. Huggies wipes are also very comfortable to use because of the packaging that lets you bring out one wipe at a time.

Key Features:

  • Excellent quality material in making wipes
  • No synthetic material to affect the skin
  • Eight step filtration process for 100 percent safety
  • Comfortable to use

Pigeon Anti bacterial wet wipes 60pcs (6 Packs/ 10 Packs/ 24 Packs)

Pigeon Anti bacterial wet wipes 60pcs (6 Packs/ 10 Packs/ 24 Packs)

Here is another very famous brand that makes skincare products for babies. These wipes are completely natural as they are made with 99 percent pure water. If your baby has susceptible skin and is also facing rashes due to diapers then I believe you should choose these wipes right away. These are great to be used on allergy-prone skin as they are chemical-free and do not make the skin itchy.

Key Features:

  • Good to go for allergy-prone skin
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Chemical-free wipes
  • Made with 99 percent pure water

The Best Care for Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin!

I know how overwhelming taking care of a young one can be. And especially how important it is to prevent rashes and irritation on your baby’s skin. You cannot simply pick up anything from the store and use it on such gentle and sensitive skin. Baby wipes are incredibly essential and come in direct contact with the baby’s skin. So, it is essential to be very particular about the one you are choosing. These were some of the best baby wipes that you can get in Singapore. With these wipes, you can be sure that your baby’s skin does not get any rashes or irritation. Try out these baby wipes today and give your baby the gentlest care.

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