Where to Find the Best Arcades in Singapore 2021

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Looking for something fun to do? Why not pay a visit to your local arcade where you can eat, drink, and play your way to fun and good times? Check out this list of the Top Arcades in Singapore, and everything you need to know to get to where the fun is.

Top 9 Best Arcades in Singapore

If you want to spend your time and money on something fun and exciting – for you, your friends, your family, and your loved ones – then one of the best places to go is the arcade! Here are the top 10 best arcades in Singapore.

Saint Games

Saint Games is the Top 9 Best Arcades in Singapore this year for family fun, small kids, school holiday visit
Image Credit: @stgamescafe

We’re starting off a little strong here with a place that’s not even technically an arcade, but bear with us. Saint Games is one of the premiere group gaming destinations in all of Singapore – they have the latest games and the latest consoles, plus a ton of other fun stuff to do. They also have top-notch service and have received numerous awards for being just an overall great place to hang out.

At Saint Games, they’ve traded in classic arcade-style games for something a little more modern. Instead of arcade machines, you’re getting high-end PCs and the latest gaming consoles so you can kick back on any of their couches and play games with friends just like you would at home – but better.

Here’s what customers have to say about Saint Games:

“Inviting space for both hardcore and newbies! Good selection of games too! Get down there with a big group of friends and book one of their private rooms – hours of fun!”

About Saint Games

Rates: From $4 to $7 per hour for video or board games, the more the merrier, promotional price for longer hours and more paxs.

Website: http://stgamescafe.com/
Address: 1 Stadium Place #02-09 Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397688 Singapore
Contact Details: +65 8754 8365
Store Hours: Sun- Fri: 12:00PM-10:00PM/Sat : 12:00PM-11:00PM/Eve of Public Holidays: 12:00PM-11:00PM/Public Holidays (PH): 12:00PM-10:00PM

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Virtualand is the 9 Arcades In Singapore With Your Fave Games From $0.16. Find promotion rates online for 1 to 1 top up
Image Credit: @silencesqueen

A mainstay of Singaporean entertainment culture, Virtualand is one of the most popular arcades in Singapore. They have several outlets around the island, but we recommend checking out their Century Square outlet – it’s nice and cozy with a very laid-back atmosphere, and their selection of games is fun, too! Virtualand at Century Square offers a more comprehensive selection of games – from competitive tabletop games like air hockey to the latest arcade-style brawlers, and more. Even retro games such as King of Fighters can be found here.

Here’s what customers have to say about Virtualand:

“Nice service, items were lost and we went back looking for it, asking if they have any lost and found area, one of them (probably new) was confused but as we were about to leave, another one came and ask if we lost anything, returning it to us.”

About Virtualand

Rate: from $1.50 per game

Website: http://www.facebook.com/virtualandsg
Address: 4 outlets at Singapore Post, Nex, Century Square & Bugis +

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Whimsy is Top 9 Best Arcades in Singapore to play with friends after school, after work, relieve stress, get dolls, go dating
Image Credit: @whimsytopgunleisure

Although a little on the expensive side, Whimsy remains one of the most popular arcades in Singapore, especially for younger kids. Their platform is very kid-friendly – lots of games, not much competition going on, and the arcade’s overall ambience and vibe offers great clean fun for kids! Plus, their prizes are also more child-friendly than what you’d normally see in other arcades.

Adults and teenagers might not have as much fun at Whimsy than younger kids, so if you’re going out with older kids, it might be better to hit up an arcade that has something fun for everyone. If it’s just you and your little tykes, however, Whimsy is the best place to have plenty of family-safe fun and hang out with other kids, too.

About Whimsy

Website: www.facebook.com/whimsytopgunleisure/
Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3, #03-01A, #03-01B, 321 Clementi Mall Singapore 129905
Contact Details: +65 6254 1992
Store Hours: Sun-Thurs: 10:00AM-10PM/ Fri-Sat: 10:00AM-11:00PM

Timezone – A Great Arcade to Bring Kids

top 9 arcades In Singapore To Relive Your Childhood Days, Timezone - A Great Arcade to Bring Kids
Image Credit: @timezonesingapore

As an international arcade brand, Timezone knows how to set up an amazing arcade, and they remain one of the best places to go for people who want a great gaming experience for all ages. Although all the Timezone outlets in Singapore are great places with positive reviews, we highly recommend Timezone Westgate – their flagship store with the greatest selection of games and activities, including a bowling alley ($4 onwards) and a bumper car arena.

Timezone is celebrated in dozens of countries all around the world, and their reputation for providing countless hours of fun is especially true here in Singapore, where they have some of the most advanced and comprehensive arcades. Whether you’re into sports, virtual rides, gallery shooters, or classic games like claw machines and coin drops, Timezone has something everyone can enjoy.

The arcades will be very crowded during weekends!

Here’s what customers have to say about Timezone in VivoCity:

“One of the best Timezone outlets in Singapore. Lots of variety of games for young kids to adults alike. There is even a bumper cars section and mini bowling zone. Kids loved it. Worth visiting it for unwinding.”

About Timezone

Rate: from $2.60 per game

Website: https://www.timezonegames.com/en-sg
Address: Various outlets all over Singapore
Store Hours: Hours differ depending on locations

Level Up – Most Hip Arcade to Visit for Youngsters

Level Up is an arcade for Adults, Best Arcades And Gaming Centers In Singapore with beer pool.
Image Credit: @1levelupsg

Not your typical family-friendly arcade, Level Up is a great place for young working adults to have a merry good time. Eat, Drink, and Play – that’s their motto, and they raise the bar on what a night out full of fun and excitement should be. With video games and traditional arcade games, great food, refreshing beverages, and lively, upbeat vibe, Level Up is the best arcade for when you want to spend time with friends, family, or your significant other.

Although it’s not like your typical arcade, Level Up is still a great place to have fun – ideal for adults both young and old looking for a much more fun alternative to sitting around at home on weekends. However, since they serve alcohol here, it might be best to leave the kids at home.

Here’s what customers have to say about Level Up:

“One of my favorite places since I like table games and fun nights! It’s a hidden spot at Clark Q and it is going to be a wonderful experience for you too! You can get there by walk from the taxi stand near CQ or 10 min from Clark Q MRT. Music is always fun and staff are very friendly and helpful! Drinks are fine too! We usually go for wine or beer! See you next time!”

About Level Up

Website: http://www.1-levelup.com/
Address: 3A River Valley Road, #02-04, Clarke Quay Singapore, Singapore 179020
Contact Details: +65 6266 2276
Store Hours: Mon-Sun: 5:00PM-10:30PM

Cow Play Cow Moo

Cow Play Cow Moo is top 9 Arcades in Singapore
Image Credit: @cowplaycowmoo

Arguably the most well-known and largest arcade in Singapore, almost everybody has either heard about or been to Cow Play Cow Moo. With tons of great games, plenty of awesome member features, and some of the best prizes you can find anywhere, Cow Play Cow Moo comes highly recommended no matter your age bracket.

Cow Play Cow Moo has been a mainstay of the family entertainment scene for years now – they’re one of the most popular arcades in Singapore and they offer plenty of fun for everyone. From sports games, to the latest video games, to classic arcade games and the coolest prizes, Cow Play Cow Moo is more than just an arcade, it’s a nod to happier times that has kept Singaporeans entertained through generations.

Here’s what customers have to say about Cow Play Cow Moo:

“A place to spend time and challenge your friend/partner! Do get their member card as you can store your tickets in it to spend it months later. There are a lot of prizes to consider, so remember to do your homework before exchanging for your gift!”

About Cow Play Cow Moo

Rate: You can get 1100 tokens at about $150 with a package deal.

Website: http://www.cpcm.com.sg/
Address: Various Outlets
Store Hours: Depending on Location

Zero Latency – Best VR Arcade Singapore

Zero Latency is top 9 Arcades In Singapore To Relive Your Childhood Days, like laser mania, VR games, team bonding, Zero Latency VR Gaming - High Intensity VR Experience
Image Credit: @zerolatencysg

Again, not your typical ‘arcade’, but Zero Latency does offer something unique to the table: virtual reality. Instead of traditional arcade games, Zero Latency offers a full VR gaming experience for everyone. If you’ve always wanted to try VR gaming, then Zero Latency is the ultimate destination with the highest-end hardware that you can play with. Plus, their customer service is top-notch and willing to help show you the ropes on how you can start dominating the field in VR.

Here’s what customers are saying about Zero Latency:

“Absolutely amazing experience. Will definitely do it again. It is incredibly lifelike and extremely well done. We showed up and were able to go in immediately to play. Highly recommended!”

About Zero Latency

Website: https://www.zerolatencyvr.com.sg/
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-346 Suntec City Mall Singapore, Singapore 038983
Contact Details: +65 6931 0331
Store Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11:00AM-10:00PM/Fri: 11:00AM-11:00PM/Sat: 10:00AM-11:00PM/Sun: 10:00AM-10:00PM
Eves of Public Holiday: Usual operating hours
Public Holiday: 10am – Closing

Fat Cat Arcade – Best Retro Arcade Singapore

Fat Cat Arcade is 9 Best Arcades In Singapore, Fat Cat Arcade – l The Newest And Largest Arcade In The East this year
Image Credit: @fatcatarcade

With a variety of games and tons of prizes, Fat Cat Arcade is one of the best places in Singapore for family-friendly entertainment. Unlike some other arcades – even some on this list, included – Fat Cat Arcade takes pride in its spacious location. Chill and stress-relieving, Fat Cat Arcade lets you have fun and games in greater comfort.

Another great thing about Fat Cat Arcade is that they have a great selection of luck-based arcade games, so it’s a great place to experience the thrills – the highs and lows – of winning and losing in a game where anyone can win, if they’re lucky enough.

Here’s what customers are saying about Fat Cat Arcade:

“The biggest Arcade in Orchard Rd. There are lots of arcade games as well as claw machines around for you to try and have some fun. It’s a great place for family fun thrill, entertainment and to de-stress yourself. You can try all kinds of games here cater for all ages to enjoy. The redemption items corner where they store and displayed the items are very spacious too.”

About Fat Cat Arcade

Rates: $50 for 300 coins / $100 for 680 coins, Games use between 1 to 6 tokens.

Website: https://fatcatarcade.com/
2 Outlets at Djitsun Mall Bedok & 313@somerset
Store Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:00AM-1:00AM

Zone X

Zone X is one of the major arcades in Singapore. Top 10 Best Arcades in Singapore and well liked by teens, xmm yp.
Image Credit: @Zone X Singapore

Although Zone X has one of the smallest arcades on this list, this arcade is still a perennial favorite among customers who like the quiet, calm ambience and the great selection of games. Have fun, win prizes, and take part in a variety of activities at Zone X.

Here’s what customers have to say about Zone X:

“Great place to have fun with friends and spend time 🙂 I think that this place could have even more great arcade games so that there are more options to play!”

About Zone X

Website: https://www.zonex.com.sg/
Address: 3 outlets
Contact Details: +65 6908 1013
Store Hours: Depending on location

Top Arcades in Singapore to Play Games

Whether you’re with your friends, your family, your loved ones, or just by yourself, arcades offer fun and excitement for everyone. If you’re after competition or relaxation, prizes or just for fun, this list of the best arcades in Singapore has something for everyone, and we hope you found your next favorite spot right here with us.

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