Affordable Spectacle Stores in Singapore 2022

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When looking for a spectacle, it’s ideal to look for something that will help you cure your eye condition while befitting your design preference. If you surmise that it will cost a lot, you’ve got it all wrong!

No need to fuss about where to get your special eyeglasses! We have searched the town to get the best eyewear without being pricey. Whether you’re on a tight budget, bet you can still get the best pair of spectacles to suit your style.

We have done the job and listed all the spectacle stores to find some suitable eyewear. Take a look at these affordable spectacle stores to visit in Singapore. Wear something that perfectly fits your preference without hurting your wallets too much.

10 Affordable Spectacle Stores in Singapore

New China Opticians Pte Ltd

New China Opticians Pte Ltd is top 10 Affordable Eyewear brands in Singapore, 11 Best Spectacle Shops In Singapore For 2021, People also ask
How much does a spectacle cost in Singapore?, What is the cheapest way to buy prescription glasses?, Who has the best deal on eyeglasses?
Image from: New China Opticians Pte Ltd – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

New China, being a traditional family-owned optical shop, indeed takes great care of the customers! Whether you wish to change your lenses or buy a new one, they can provide you an engaging experience without worrying about the quality.

You may even bring your own frame or choose from their wonderful eyewear collections at a very competitive price! Uncle Tony is very persistent in listening to your needs – you’ll indeed get what you asked for.

Many first-timers are satisfied with the services that the family business provides. If you’re up for classic vintage frames, this is certainly one of the best spectacle stores to visit!

No wonder regulars are recommending this place. Here is one of the reviews from the previous customers telling how New China removes his worries after seeing the result:

“With trepidation, I handed over my pair of Lindberg air titanium frames to have the lenses replaced. I was delighted with the result—excellent service at a fair price.” – Mark R.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Address: 3 Coleman Street #01-11 Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore 179804

Phone: +65 6337 8441 / +65 9336 2635

Mimeo the Optical Shop

Mimeo the Optical Shop is the 10 Best Spectacle shops in Singapore, Affordable Spectacle Stores in Singapore, 
Which spectacle brand is best?, How much does a spectacle cost in Singapore?
Image from: Mimeo the Optical Shop – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

Whether you’re just up for a pair of new lenses or a new frame, Mimeo has you covered! Here you can find a wide assortment of eyeglasses depending on your needs.

Staff will indeed do their utmost job to assist you in getting the best eyewear of your liking without any frills– whether it’s a classic, trendy, or fun style. So, if you’re afraid of choosing your frame that will fit your face, let the staff do it for you – bet they’ll suggest something gorgeous.

Previous customers are recommending this spectacle place as they provide an exceptional experience. Here’s one of the feedbacks from the client:

“Great shop, reasonably priced, helpful, kind and honest staff. Best of all, they know what they are talking about. Highly recommended place if you are in the market for glasses. Will be returning again 🙂 Cheers” -Chris K.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Address: 6, #02-338 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Phone: +65 8100 9998

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Eyecon Optical Singapore

Eyecon Optical Singapore is Best Place for Cheap and stylish glasses in Singapore, Affordable and cheap Spectacle Stores in Singapore
Image from: Eyecon Optical Singapore – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

While searching for a spectacle shop with a reasonable price, you may want to consider going to Eyecon Optical! It features not only a wide selection of spectacles but also contact lenses that will indeed fit your everyday style.

Eyecon Optical not only specializes in correcting eye conditions, but it also makes wear eyeglasses without any distress. Plus, Marcus – the owner, is always kind to assist you in your appointment, explaining your condition with a lot of patience letting you understand everything, and guiding you how to take care of your eyes more.

Here is one of the testimonies why you should drop by in Eyecon when looking for a pair of spectacles:

“A well-curated selection of frames for your fashionable/daily needs. The owner, Marcus, is very welcoming, professional, and knowledgeable. Very pleased at the quick turnaround time. Absolutely adore my new frame!” – Jun Feng T.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Address: 200 Jln Sultan, #08-04 Textile Centre, Singapore 199018

Phone: (+65) 9668 8027 (By Appointment Only)


Foptics is the top 10 cheapest places to buy your glasses in Singapore, People also ask
How much does a spectacle cost in Singapore?, What is the cheapest way to buy prescription glasses?, Foptics has the best deal on eyeglasses
Image from: @foptics.club – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

Foptics is one of the well-known spectacles stores on the island. Besides having a vast collection of eyewear, their styles are also very fashionable at a very reasonable price – free eye assessment is a major plus! Also, they are partnering with a well-trained eye professional to deliver a quality of service.

While some troubles in finding the eyeglass that can satisfy your daily wear. Foptics features a WAH (wear at home) package where you can choose three different frames and try it at home for seven days to see which one is suitable for you. Sounds good right?

Foptics is undoubtedly one of the best spectacle shops on the island. Here is one feedback from the previous customer:

I like their range of spectacle designs. They are all within the affordable range. The shop also provides free eye checks as well. I am very happy with their service. Awesome place to shop for spectacles.” – Prem K.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook

Address: 58B Pagoda St, #03-01, Singapore 059217

Phone: +65 8875 2538


Owndays is The 10 Best Optical Shops in Singapore
Image from:@owndays_sg – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

From Japan to Singapore, we are truly blessed to have some of the town’s Owndays outlets! Standing as one of the leading spectacle stores on the island – bringing you a wide bunch of creative eyewear to fit your style. Besides, having many outlets throughout the city can be more convenient for you!

Also, they offer high-quality lenses at a very reasonable price. From having dust-proof up to UV light protection, Owndays has something that will certainly fit your desire.

People love their experience with how the staff answer all their queries about getting a new eyewear. No wonder Owndays has been gathering a lot of positive reviews from the clients. Here is one of the feedbacks, proving how their high-end their services are:

“Went with my Better half for the frame+Glasses and was delighted with their services. The Staff was prompt & explained everything in detail before we zeroed down to the final one. Awesome service with good variety!” – Amit V.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook

Outlet Addresses: https://www.owndays.com/sg/en/shops

Phone: +65 6222 0588

Oblique Eyewear

Oblique Eyewear is Most affordable spectacles shops for prescription glasses
Image from:@obliqueeyewear – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

Up for hybrid glasses? Oblique Eyewear is the perfect spot to go! Oblique highlights their passion for bringing stylish eyeglasses without costing you too much. The owners have been providing quality spectacles to fit your daily outfit!

Confused as to what eyewear to buy? Talk with their Staff – bet they’ll suggest something incredible. Also, Oblique opts to use optical technology improvement and materials, giving you a spectacular pair of spectacles.

Not to mention how fast their process is, Oblique is really hard to beat. Here’s feedback from one of their previous clients, proving how Oblique indulge them with their needs:

“Lenses are really thin even though my degree was -550, and it arrived very fast! 👍 Overall, a very good experience” – Rykelle N.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook

Address: 2 Handy Rd, #01-07 The Cathay, Singapore 229233

Phone: +65 9118 2433

Eye Zone Elite Optical

Eye Zone Elite Optical is Best 10 Spectacle Stores in Singapore With Cheap Japanese & Korean Style Frames
Image from: Eye Zone Elite Optical – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

In a rush to get a new pair of spectacles due to an accident? Eye Zone Elite Optical gets it done in just 30 minutes, and voila, your new eyewear is ready. Bringing you outstanding eyewear since 1997, no wonder this humble shop knows how everything works!

Eye Zone Elite Optical has experienced both ups and downs throughout the years, with their owners having persisted with tenacious spirits, making them one of the go-to optical shops around the island. Choose the best eyewear that suits your face! If confused as to which type of frame you should get, you can always ask their friendly staff – always recommending you the best!

Eyezone has reached the hearts of people, making them deserving of any recommendations. Here is one of the feedbacks by one of their customers:

“Just collected my new specs from them. Very friendly and polite staff gives advice on what kind of spectacle suit my faces. Also, a good recommendation of spectacle and lens from them. Thanks a lot. Keep it up.” – Toby W.

Website, Facebook, Instagram

Address: Various Outlets Around Singapore

Phone: +65 6763 6036

Spectacle Hut

Spectacle Hut is 10 Affordable Spectacle Shops In Singapore
Image from:@spectaclehut – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

Being the home of designer glasses and sunglasses, Spectacle Hut has made it to be one of the top brands in the town! No need to spend a lot on getting a luxurious one!

From color-changing photochromic lenses up to polarized lenses, no wonder this spectacle shop has awarded the most influential brand in two consecutive years! Not only that, it features a wide selection of glasses at a very affordable price!

Who says elite spectacles are all expensive? Spectacle Hut made it possible to help you with the wear design you want without costing you a lot!

Here is one of the feedbacks from the previous client:

Got a pair of specs today and was attended to by Weisong. Professional and very patient service. Would definitely recommend a friend” -Vianne L.


Address: Various Outlets Around Singapore

Phone: (+65) 6561 7717

Visual Mass at Orchard Gateway

Visual Mass at Orchard Gateway is a place you can buy cheap spectacle frames in Singapore
Image from: @visualmass – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

Featured in many different magazines and networks, there’s no denying that Visual Mass is one of Singapore’s go-to spectacle stores!

Never limit yourself with what’s available. You can have the design you like at a very affordable price! Whether you’re looking for a fashionable frame or lenses that suit your needs, Visual Mass provides excellent products and services that you’ll surely love!

Now at Visual Mass, Mix and match 2 frames (from $125) and pay for only 1 of it! Walk ins are allowed!

Here’s one of the feedbacks from previous clients, showing how this spectacle shop make it to the list:

“Staff was so kind. My glasses were broken, and I needed them urgently. She made glasses for me quickly. I got pretty glasses for a reasonable price. Thank you :)” – Somerset B.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook

Address: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, B2-30, Singapore 238858

Phone: (+65) 6702 3480

Oscar Wylee (Closed)

Oscar Wylee is 10 Cheapest Spectacles Shops To Get Prescription Glasses
Image from: @oscarwylee – Affordable Spectacle Store Singapore

Spreading its wings in different parts of the world, this Australian family-owned spectacle shop is now available in Singapore! If you’re up for a luxurious vintage-looking pair of glasses, you can exclusively get this at any Oscar Wylee outlets near you!

When you want to get the best shades without worrying about the cost, Oscar Wylee offers the high-quality eyewear that everyone can afford!

Here is one of the previous clients’ testimony, giving you an idea of what to expect at this spectacle shop:

“For eyecare, if you want the best, then go ahead and book a test. Oscar wylee look for Brandon you will find is very caring, thorough, and kind. Your eyes are precious, so don’t delay, just phone and make an appointment today” – Lena N.

Official Pages: Website, Facebook

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-426 Tower 5 North Wing, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

Phone: (+65) 6909 7861

Where can I buy cheap spectacle frames in Singapore?

Frankly speaking, a pair of spectacles that suits our style and condition at a very reasonable price is hard to find. We have done the work for you and listed down the affordable spectacle shop to be!

Whatever your eye condition is, sure these shops can cater to any eyewear you need – indeed worth of your every buck! Hoping this blog has helped you find the right spectacle store for your new eyewear.

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